12 Days of Giving

Day 1:

Winners are:

Teresa Ould Tajidine, DSP in Indiana

Latosha Burtis, Home Manager in Memphis

Cortez DeSean King, DSP in Indiana

Valerie Farsetti, Prevention Case Manager for VOA FIT

Christina Compton, Peer Support Specialist for VOA Recovery

Paula Guinn, DSP in Indiana

Emily Snedecker, Intake Coordinator for SSVF Johnson City

Abby King, DSP in Middle Tennessee

Elizabeth Gabbard, Program Manager in Northern Kentucky

Catherine Watkins, Case Manager for SSVF Grayson 

Day 2:

Winners are:

Miranda Michele Marcy, DSP in Northern KY

Sandra Marie Riley, Case Manager

Magalie Gurrier Lorzeille, DSP in Middle TN

Aaron Christopher Rodriques, DSP in Southern IN

James Daniel Helton, Program Manager in Oak Ridge

Luanne Gentleman, DSP in Southern IN

Vevencio Alvarado Allen, DSP in Southern IN

Tricia Lynn Hurley, DSP in Southern IN

Jayne Allison Harbin-Pettit, Admin & Children's Services Coordinator

Dana L Hawkins, DSP in Southern IN 

Day 3: 

Winners are:

Tosha J Ellison, DSP in Northern KY
Mallory Jo Hatcher, DSP in Southern IN
Ayaan Abdullwahabb Hayer, DSP Middle TN
Eva Joy Solsberry, Home Manager in Memphis TN
Kimberly Caballeros, Senior Director DDS Services
Donna Jo Pirtle, DSP Southern IN
Monica Chere Pennington, Home Manager Northern KY
Rachel Beth Harrison, Veterans Services Program Manager
Christian Taylor Gibson, DSP Memphis TN
James Joseph Schultz, DSP Northern KY

Day 4:

Winners are:

Jane Odward, DSP Middle TN
Shelby Lynn Harper, DSP NKY
Andrea Jones Russell, Manager of Men's Addiction Recovery
Kalimba Khann Harris, Home Manager Memphis TN
Richard Wayne Rich, Maintenance Asst II Woodgreen
Dennise Greer, DSP Memphis TN
Aziza Johnson, DSP Middle TN
Alan Lee Webster, DSP NKY
Jovan Lakia Fleming, DSP Southern IN
Laquittia Shunateil Nelson, Home Manager Memphis TN

Day 5:

Winners are:

Jessica Kaye Elgin, Home Manager Middle TN
Kennidee Bright, DSP Memphis TN
Miriam Lucille Walton, DSP NKY
Edith Yaa Wiafe, DSP NKY
Kerry Dale Neal, LPN Middle TN
George Linnie Griffin, Therapist Tech
Krysten Badey Kelch, Case Manager
Tami Kaye Moore, LPN Middle TN
Radia Ahmed Kuri, DSP Middle TN
Roxanna Demetrius Crout, DSP Memphis TN

Day 6:

Winners are:

Rebekah Rae Stamper, Veterans Services Program Manager
Kelly Denise Chism, DSP Southern IN
Jerry Love, Home Manager Nashville, TN
Sylvia D. Frye, Cook at Unity House
Harvie Thompkins, DSP Memphis TN
Amy Marie Galvan, DSP Southern IN
Dorothy Catron, DSP Memphis TN
Marchelle Lee Martin, Case Manager
David Paul Burgess, Case Manager III
Sharon Ann Perry, DSP Supervisor

Day 7:

Winners are:

Norma Hall, DSP Memphis

Brian Joseph Buchheit, DSP Southern IN

Betty Jean McCrary, DSP Middle TN

James Vertrees, Clinical Therapist Addiction Recovery Services

Rhonda Leshea Cowan, Prevention Specialist STOP

Vernella Lashay Berry, Assoc Residential Service Coordinator

Angie Denise Wilson, DSP Memphis TN

Sharonda Ann Scruggs, DSP Northern KY

Leslie A. Eller, Case Manager

Shreeta Marie Joye Waldon, Senior Program Manager Freedom House

Day 8:

Winners are:

Mysty Dawn Underwood, Vets Services Program Manager

Tyachell E. Rowan, DSP Southern IN

Ashley Deanne King, DSP Middle TN

Curtis W. Johnson, Maintenance Assistant Unity House

Breyanna S. Richardson, DSP Memphis

Molley Ambyer Taylor, DSP Southern IN

Lakeisha Renee Riley, Home Manager Middle TN

Roney James, Senior Case Manager

Carolyn L. Edwards, DSP Memphis TN

Cassandra L. Ndow, Home Manager Southern IN

Day 9:

Winners are:

Marie Pierre, DSP Middle TN

Pamela Jean Jones, Residential Service Coordinator Southern IN

Taveo Jackson, Home Manager Memphis TN

Robin Louise Mohn, External Relations System Manager/Office Manager

Brent Lee Baker, Case Manager

Philadelphia Abigail Vandyne, DSP Middle TN

Travis Lee Sutton, Home Manager Northern KY

Tiffany Marlyna Forte, LPN Middle TN

Tara Lee Whitlatch, DSP Southern IN

Jalissa Kiara Perry, DSP Memphis

Day 10:

Winners are:

Kristen Karen Kern, Residential Service Coordinator Middle, TN

Krista Sue Zimmerman, DSP Northern KY

Jeanne M. Hawkins, Home Manager Southern IN

Tekelia R. Turner, Home Manager Memphis, TN

Lisa Gail Buhl, Outreach Worker SSVF

Reta M. Kinley, DSP III Southern IN

Demetrious Shuntai Boyd, DSP Memphis

Steven Lee Fuller, Program Support Specialist Finance

Onitsha Antannette Davis, DSP Memphis

Chase Christopher Gavin, DSP Southern IN

Day 11: 

Winners are:

Claytie Lou Frazier, LPN Middle TN

Tiffany Hope Nipper, Case Manager

Yolander Stubbs-Givhan, DSP Memphis TN

Pamela Ann Bentley, Cook Shelby Kitchen

Darneshir Renee Weakley, Residential Service Coordinator Memphis

Mack Edward Poole, Community Administrator South Oaks

Shewan Marie Pritchett, DSP Middle TN

Monica L Graves, DSP Southern IN

Deborah M. Lewis, DSP Northern KY

Ashley Nicole Glidewell, DSP Southern IN

Day 12:

Winners are:

Robert Bryan Hoover, LPN Middle TN

Inita Laquette Farmer, DSP Memphis

Luise De Acuna, LPN Middle TN

Landon Paul Glidewell, DSP Southern IN

** Your gift card will arrive within a few days at your main location (location of your supervisor). Questions? Contact Debbie Gray in HR at debbieg@voamid.org or Reagan Jones in External Relations at reaganj@voamid.org.