Donors: $250 - $499

Donors: $250 - $499


AI International Inc

Abbott's Services Inc

Tyson and Claire Adams

Advanced Business Solutions

Ashley/Rountree and Associates - Jeff Ashley

Mr. Joseph Bargione

Mr. James R. Bault

Mr. William T. Beasley, II

Ms. Collista Boone

Mr. Stacy G. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Benninger

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Bergin

Mr. and Mrs. J. David Borders

Patrick and Christine Bowles

Bowles Mattress Company

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Braun

Bray Property Management LLC

Mrs. Jane Breece

Mr. James D. Brent

Ms. Betty D. Brown

Ms. Veronica W. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Browne

Mr. James Burkhardt, II

Brad and Shana Bush

Ms. Lisa Butcher

Brittany and Lincoln Buzick

Mrs. Julie B. Campbell

Jeffrey and Emily Carman

Mr. Lawrence Caruso

Cedar Stone Bank

Mr. Tom Clines

Mr. Patrick J. Cocherl, III

Confluent Health, LLC

Ms. Carolyn M. Conner

Mrs. Susan M. Coomes

Drs. Robert and Kathleen Cooter

Ms. Debbie Cox

Melissa Currie, M.D.

Mrs. Dianne S. Dailey

Ms. Esther M. Dallas

John and Ann Davis

The de Paul School

Ms. Anne C. Deaven

Mr. Craig C. Dilger

Dixon Golf,Inc.

John and Beth Dlutowski

Mr. Steve M. Dobler

Ms. Karen Dones

Glenial and Gwyneth Dutton

Arloa I. Eckels, M.D.

Ms. Patricia L. Edmiston

Mrs. Margaret D. Ellaby

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Elmore

Mr. Henry A. Erk, III

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Eversole

Ms. Renee Farrell

Mr. Michael Fine and Ms. Theresa Keeley

Mark and Cheryl Fischer

Ms. Mildred M. Franks

Ms. LaToya Frennesson

Ms. Tina L. Fulkerson

G & C Communications Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Ghazi

Steven D. Glassman, M.D.

Ms. Tara Glover

Mr. and Mrs. Elmo H. Goldsmith

Ms. Rebecca Y. Greenlee

Mr. Michael Guibord

Mr. Michael C. Hagan

Marty Hale

Richard and Linda Hallman

Mrs. June Hampe

Ms. Barbara S. Hanka

Mrs. Jane M. Hardin

Mr. Wayne F. Harnack

Mr. Philip M. Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Hayes

Mr. Donald Hazlett

Heick Hester Smith Management Solutions

Chris and Marcia Hermann

Mr. Neal Herrington

Ms. Kathy Hinkebein

Mr. Brian W. Hodge

Ms. Ruth A. Hoeck

Mr. Demetrius O. Holloway

Mrs. Carolyn L. Holmes

Mr. Scott Holzknecht

Ms. Connie Houston

Brad and Judith Hughes

Ms. Sherry Hurley

Jarrell's Pharmacy, Inc.

John and Mary Jefferson

Mr. Donald A. Johnson

Ms. Valle Jones

David and Connie Jordan

Kentuckiana Auto Storage Pool, Inc.

Sharon and David Kipp

Mrs. Glenda J. Klass

Ms. Patricia A. Klumb


Mr. Jeremy LaMontagne

Mr. Michael E. Lannon

Legacy Mutual Mortgage

Mr. Jay P. Lowe

Philip and Susan Lynch

Ms. Kimberly H. Maddox

Mr. James W. Mannix

Mr. Skipper Martin

Mr. Jack Martin Jr

Mr. Robert H. Martin

Ms. Beth Mattingly

Mr. Donald L. Mattingly

Ms. Dana Mayton

Mr. James McDonald

Ms. Sue B. McHugh Rawlings

Mr. Todd Mercier

Meridian Surgical Partners LLC

Mrs. Arlyn J. Metcalfe

Metro United Way

Mr. Larry Michalczyk, MSSW

Mr. Jerrol Z. Miles

Dennis and Louise Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Mitchell

Mr. Mark Mitchen

Ms. Catherine Ann Muth

Mr. Alex E. Novak Jr

Mr. John M. Osborne

Oscar's Germantown Hardware

Chris and Carolyn Ostby

Parallel Products Kentucky Inc.

Anthony and Kathleen Passafiume

Pat's Steak House

Ms. Virginia Peck

Mr. William A. Price

Philip and Marsha Priddy

Professional Bank Services

Jennifer Recktenwald & Tony Peyton

Renasant Bank

Mr. Lance Reynolds

Mrs. Mary K. Reynolds

Mrs. Meta S. Richards

Susie J. Riley, DMD

Mr. Oliver Ross, MSG E8 USA RET.

George and Melissa Rue

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Runner

Ms. Peggy Sabol

Ms. Pam Salas

Mrs. Marilyn Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Semple, II

Ms. Claire R. Sheehan

Ms. Donna Sheffer

Ms. Denise Simonsen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sipes

Mr. Jeff M. Smith

Timothy and Judith Smith

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sobieski Jr

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Spencer

George and Nancy Stair

Ms. Sharon Stanley

Chris and Susan Staples

Mrs. Jennie L. Staugas

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Stewart

Mrs. Mary C. Stites

Ms. Patricia H. Sturtzel

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Tasman Industries

Faye P. Taylor, Ph.D.

Mr. Richard L. Townsend

Mr. and Mrs. James O. Trafton

Ms. Anne M. Vandervort

Ms. Melissa Webb

Mr. Zach Wedding

Will and Rebecca West

Mr. Frederick A. Weyler

Ms. Lydia J. Whittington

Lisa and Larry Wilson

Mrs. Ruth T. Wimsatt

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Windchy

Stanley and Sarah Windhorst

Joan and David Winkler

Ms. Mary Winn

Ms. Katherine A. Witherington

Mr. H. E. Wooten, III, MS-CFP

Rodney and Mary Wooten

R. Brent Wright, M.D.

Ms. Bobbie J. Young

Lucian and Deborah Young

Ms. Kathleen M. Zandona