Addicted mothers find new resource in caring for children


Addiction does not discriminate. Pregnant women and mothers battle it every day in Louisville. 

Four months ago Ashley Perryman made it through one of the most difficult experiences a woman faces in life, child birth.

"I have a little boy." - Perryman

But it was hardly the only challenge she was trying to conquer.

"I was addicted to methamphetamine. I pretty much used throughout my whole pregnancy. There was times I stopped, but I didn't stay stopped." -Perryman

Until now. Perryman and her newborn live her, the Freedom House at Volunteers of America.

"I've learned coping skills and how to deal with that. I got structure back in my life." - Perryman

On Monday a new resource was provided for this new mom and more than a dozen others in her same shoes.

"Not only can they be sober in their recovery, they can be a sober mom." - Shreeta Waldon, Freedom House Program Manager

Freedom House and Norton Children's Prevention and Wellness are teaming up to teach just that while ensuring these parents have essential information they need.

"We're gonna talk about safe sleep, we're gonna talk about child abuse and preventing shaken baby syndrome, we're going to learn how to do infant choking procedures." - Erika Janes, Norton Children's Prevention and Wellness

"We think that it's important for them to know the skills and know why it's important, why we walk around and say, 'hey, you shouldn't have all these items in your crib for your baby, they could suffocate." - Waldon

This is the first of two classes offered to Perryman and her fellow moms.

"They have an opportunity to really try to work on everything that's going on in their lives." - Janes

The months leading up to Perryman's pregnancy were rough. She knows that. Her focus now, the days ahead; learning to be the kind of mom that will someday make her son proud.

"It definitely hasn't been easy, but I will say it's worth it." - Perryman

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