Addiction Recovery Services

Addiction Recovery Services

Call 502-635-4530 right now to start on the path to addiction recovery.

If you would prefer to contact us by email, please reach out directly to Amanda Elkins at Let Amanda know of your needs and any questions you have about our addiction recovery services. You will receive a confidential reply right away.

If you or a loved one is struggling with the disease of addiction, Volunteers of America Mid-States can help you today. We offer a comprehensive system of effective care ranging from assessment, outpatient treatment, long-term residential treatment and aftercare services. Our programs provide clinical services by licensed and trained addiction treatment professionals with a focus on recovery.

Volunteers of America is now serving anyone who needs help with their addiction, including individuals covered by Medicaid or who need to pay according to a sliding scale. Please contact our experienced and caring staff at 502-635-4530.

Please contact 502-635-4530 for more information about our Addiction Recovery Services.

Outpatient Services: Louisville, KY

Intensive Outpatient services for men, women and families. These services include individual and group therapy with a licensed clinician. Our flexible schedule allows you to continue working while seeking addiction recovery treatment. Locations available at 2500 W Broadway and 4303 W Broadway in Louisville, KY.

Halfway Back: Louisville, KY

Volunteers of America's Halfway Back Program has provided residential alcohol and drug treatment to men recovering from addiction and exiting a correctional facility since 1987. This 50-bed treatment program uses a Twelve Step recovery approach, and men live in the Milieu Therapy setting for six months.

Shelby Men's Recovery Center: Louisville, KY

Designed for men facing the challenges of addiction. Volunteers of America's Shelby Men's Recovery Center provides life skills training, individual and group counseling, employment readiness and long-term housing.

Veterans Addiction Recovery Services: Louisville, KY

Volunteers of America's Veterans Transitional Treatment Program (VTTP) is a licensed residential therapeutic treatment setting for up to 24 homeless male veterans who have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Veterans who were either honorably or other than honorably discharged from military service are eligible to receive services.

Veterans Transitional Treatment Program: Lexington, KY

Located at the Lexington Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Volunteers of America's Veterans Transitional Treatment Program (VTTP) provides an intensive, residential therapeutic treatment setting for up to 40 homeless male veterans struggling with addiction and alcoholism. Clients undergo individual and group counseling by certified alcohol and drug counselors, attend psycho-educational and 12 Step support group meetings, and receive referrals for educational and career development. Additionally, many clients in the later stages of the program are employed and working toward securing permanent housing of their own.

Women's Addiction Recovery Services: Louisville, KY

Volunteers of America's Freedom House is a long-term residential treatment program for alcoholic or drug-dependent pregnant and parenting women. The holistic and comprehensive program is designed to treat the women's chemical dependency, break the cycle of addiction in families, reunite families broken apart by chemical dependency, and promote the birth of clean, sober, healthy babies.

It is the policy of Volunteers of America Mid-States to provide a safe and secure environment for all staff, volunteers, contractors, visitors, and residents and to maintain a program for the prevention of sexual conduct in any correctional facility we operate. Volunteers of America is committed to zero tolerance for sexual conduct between staff, volunteers, contractors, visitors, or residents whether committed by staff, volunteers, contractors, visitors, or other residents.

Allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment that involve potential criminal behavior will be referred to the appropriate legal authority to conduct criminal investigations.

Please report any allegations of sexual misconduct that may have occurred in a Volunteers of America Mid-States operated correctional facility to Assistant Director of Clinical, Women's and Outpatient Services Christina Keifer at (502) 994-8216 or