VOA Recovery

Take your life back from addiction.

Our programs incorporate evidence-based clinical services provided by licensed and trained treatment professionals with a focus on recovery. We work with a diverse group of individuals, from pregnant and parenting women to men exiting incarceration. All of our facilities are licensed and accredited by the Council on Accreditation. While the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports the national average of relapse ranges from 40 to 60% depending on the substance of choice, Volunteers of America’s programs help clients achieve and maintain sobriety at rates higher than the national averages.

Residential Services
Men’s Services:
Halfway Back Program: Provides residential treatment to men who are recovering from addiction and exiting the corrections system. This six-month, 50-bed treatment program uses a multi-dimensional recovery approach focused on reintegration into the community.
This program is funded in part by the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

Shelby Men’s Recovery Center: This 18-bed treatment facility offers substance use and co-occurring disorders treatment for men through individual, group, family therapy and psychiatric care while using evidence-based practices. Clients pay a weekly residential fee and engage in treatment programmed to meet their individual needs. Clients in this program attend 12-step recovery meetings in the community to support their recovery treatment. After completion of residential treatment, clients stay connected to their therapy through an outpatient based aftercare program that offers additional support onsite.

Veteran Services:
Veterans Addiction Recovery Program: Volunteers of America support our veterans who are working to overcome substance use disorder. We offer residential care that includes peer support and comprehensive clinical care to help veterans become healthy and sober. Our veterans’ addiction recovery program also works to connect veterans to education, health care and employment and job training resources. We also work closely with our veterans overcoming substance use disorder to find long-term, stable housing options.
This program is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Robley Rex VA Hospital.

Women’s Services:
Freedom House: Our Women’s Addiction Recovery Services provide a residential treatment program for alcohol and/or drug dependent pregnant women and women with young children. This holistic and comprehensive program is designed to treat women with substance use disorders, to break the cycle of substance use in families, to reunite families broken apart by substance use and to promote the birth of healthy, drug-free babies. This program expanded to Manchester, KY in 2020.
This program is funded in part by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Kentucky Department of Behavioral Health.

VOA Recovery - Women’s Transitional Living Program: This program is designed to provide a sober living environment for women with young children who are in recovery from substance use disorder. The program can serve up to eight families at a time and aims to increase housing stability, as lack of safe, affordable housing can be a major barrier to long-term recovery. Mothers in the program pay a service fee based on their income level, allowing their families to work and save money or pursue educational goals while they live in a community of other families committed to long-term recovery for up to two years.

Recovery Community Center - A place where people can meet, gather, fellowship and share. This process will allows folks to strengthen their recovery in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental setting.  The RCC strives to be a community resource for education, information, support and socialization for those in recovery and their family and friends. We focus on Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS). RCC's goal is to assist in removing barriers and to provide access to support and resources to those who seek to achieve and sustain long-term recovery.

Recovery Reintegration Program - Our Recovery Reintegration program works with people in recovery to return to the workforce. This program 0ffers job placement, training and follow-up. In addition, career counseling, mentoring and financial assistance. The following counties are eligible for this program: Bell, Clay, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Leslie, McCreary and Whitley.