Advisory Councils

Tennessee Action Council

The Tennessee Advisory Action Council has members who believe in the programs and mission of Volunteers of America Mid-States. Each member respects the confidentiality of the individuals we serve in Tennessee and hold strong desires to lend guidance and support in helping VOA fulfill its mission. The Council is comprised of members who provide support, skills, leadership, and contacts beneficial to VOA.

All council members agree to serve a full term of three years and attend a minimum of nine of the twelve monthly meetings. Each member makes a personal or corporate contribution through the Power of one giving campaign at any level and helps to lend influence in securing corporate, foundation, and personal gifts.

Lastly, council members strive to make sure our yearly home adoption and our hope for the homeless campaigns are successful, secure community projects at our ten area homes, agree to help promote our annual fundraisers, and assist in helping diversify our council with new members.

Austin Smith
Bob Wooden
Brice Blair
Casie Luna
Chef Lisa Ramsey
Debbie Brown
Dick Elhe
Jackie Pair
Jenny Harris 
Jim Scabareti
Jimmy Thorpe
John Jennings
Joseph Staub
Kurt Watson
Laura Mcneil
Leighton Bush
Lisa Wilson
Lu Ann Brent 
Lyn Williams
Mary Beth Wilson
Mike Lalonde
Molly Worrall
Paul Presson
Peggy Lewis
Roy McGinty
Shelly Cole
Summer Combs
Tammy Cernuto
Terri McCall
Terry Scholes
Tom Norris
Wamon Buggs

Southeastern Kentucky Advisory Council

The Southeastern Kentucky Advisory Council (SEKYAC) is responsible for promoting the mission of Volunteers of America Mid-States, providing support to service recipients for specific needs, and supporting any fundraising events for the organization. The SEKYAC is empowered by the Board of Directors of Volunteers of America Mid-States. All council members should believe in the programs and mission of Volunteers of America of Mid-States, and have a strong desire to lend guidance and support in helping the organization fulfill its mission. The SEKYAC is composed of members from the region who provide support, skills, leadership and contacts beneficial to Volunteers of America in its South Eastern Kentucky-based operations, both from a program perspective and in development activities.

Deann Allen
Lisa Garrison
Helen Baker
Tim Bobrowski
Dr. Anita Cornett
Randy Craft
Tracy Farmer
Lynell Fields
Terry Gray
Christie Green
Nancy Hale
Pam Harms
Joshua Hatfield
April Kagin
Donna McClure
Leslie Sizemore
Joe White
Jennifer Witt
Allison Davison
Sandi Curd
Barbara Jones-Smith
Will Bowling
Amy Janutolo
Jennifer Wilder
Shane Gabbard
Larry Gritton
Tim Vicini

If you are interested in joining an advisory council, please contact Enidza Torres at