Congrats, Aubrey! You sat up on your own!

For every child and their parents, sitting up on your own is a major milestone. For Aubrey and her mother, Katie, it was even more exciting. There was a chance that Aubrey would have been born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, the medical term for drug-withdrawal symptoms, and unable to accomplish the typical developmental achievements many six-month-olds do.


After fighting an opiate addiction while pregnant, Katie found the help she desperately needed at Volunteers of America's Freedom House Program, the only residential addiction recovery program in Louisville that serves women while pregnant and allows them to bring their older children with them.

Because Katie got the help she needed, Aubrey was born completely healthy! Aubrey is one of 118 healthy babies born to mothers receiving Volunteers of America's residential addiction recovery services.

Katie is one very proud mother of Aubrey and her older sister, Ella!

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