VOA Today: Donna Trabue was featured in the VOA National Friday Bulletin

Last week, one of our very own was featured on the VOA National Friday Bulletin. Donna Trabue, speaking on the merit and importance of building and fostering interfaith connections, tells how we can help foster God's message through practicing love and friendship with those unlike ourselves. From joining our Muslim siblings for iftar (the evening breaking of fast during Ramadan) to a community effort helping to wash away pieces of vandalism perpetrated against a mosque, it's important that to note that "when we come together... God's realm is expanded in this world." In some more of Donna's words: "It's a measure of our faithfulness to get to know people of other faiths... I feel like there's gain in that, an ability for us to express our values and faith, and get to know our neighbors, and see them as people just like us." Let's give a round of applause for the acknowledgment of Donna's important work!

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