Louisville Metro Syringe Exchange Program

Louisville Metro Syringe Exchange Program

Volunteers of America has partnered with Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness (LMPHW) to provide sterile syringes to as many people who inject drugs (PWID) in the Metro Louisville community as possible in order to decrease the spread of HIV and ensure a healthier community.

As part of the program, Volunteers of America has hired a Harm Reduction Specialist who has specialized knowledge about HIV and Hepatitis C prevention and harm reduction and is solely dedicated to the Syringe Exchange program. Through grass roots efforts, this person engages on a first person basis with populations at a high risk for contracting HIV and Hepatitis C and areas of Lousiville where heroin use in known to be wide-spread particularly in the southwest region of the county. Working 40 hours per week, the specialist operates syringe exchange and is accompanied by a STOP staff member who can provide HIV testing if needed. In addition, the specialist directs participants that are in need of more comprehensive services to the permanent mobile unit.

The heart of the program is run from a mobile unit on Gray Street where participants are provided with sterile syringes as well as comprehensive information on our addiction recovery and HIV testing/prevention facilities which educate on harm reduction tactics and provide HIV prevention materials.

Volunteers of America has been providing HIV education and prevention strategies to the Lousiville community for 20 years and addiction recovery services for 34 years. Last year alone, Volunteers of America reached 14,000 people through our outreach services. The Syringe Exchange program has become yet another bridge to the community through which we can deliver our expertly cultivated addiction recovery treatments and HIV prevention tools


1436 South Shelby Street
Louisville, KY 40217
E-mail: STOP@voamid.org
Call/Text: (502) 635-4540