Fighting for Justice

VOA knows this is a momentous time for our nation

Across our country and in all of the areas we serve, people are demanding change. We have witnessed protest marches in cities including Louisville, Nashville and Lexington and we have heard from our VOA colleagues about the racial injustice and inequity they have experienced and lived with far too often.

VOA is an organization committed to social justice. We do not believe our mission allows us to sit quietly during this time of unrest and change, of anger and hope. We are guided by the words of Martin Luther King, who said that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

That’s why VOA is taking action.

We are creating a new position and program: Director of Racial Justice and Health Equity. This position will oversee a new program specifically committed to aggressively addressing racial health disparities and inequities.

We are building an active and ongoing space for listening and action. We’ve created a place on VOA Today, our internal communications platform, that is set aside for dialogue, information and understanding.

We are joining allies for social justice. We’ve worked with friends and partners including the Kentucky Alliance for Racial Equality and Black Lives Matter, in supporting peaceful marches of protest in Louisville and in Nashville.

We are advocating for change with elected officials and leaders. President and CEO Jennifer Hancock has spoken daily with key elected officials and leaders about how VOA can be a helpful partner working to heal wounds and build partnerships.

Restorative Justice – the right program at the right time

Restorative Justice empower victims of crime, restores what has been harmed, and enables at risk youth to have root cause issues to be addressed.

Restorative Justice is a community-oriented solution that reduces conflict and confrontation and gives young people hope for a brighter future.

The goal is to keep young people out of the criminal justice system and engaged in positive activities. 

3 Step process with measurable results.

The cost to serve youth in RJ is approximately $1,000 per case. The cost in traditional criminal justice is almost $3,200 per case.

The recidivism rate for youth served by RJ is 23 percent. The rate is 56 percent in the traditional system.

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