FSSA Grant Bonus Structure

Family and Social Services Administration 

*All funds will be spent by December 31, 2023

FSSA is issuing Volunteers of America Mid-States funding to support our direct service workforce. We plan to use the funding to invest in our VOA Community - Indiana staff in the following way:

  • Three quarterly bonuses for employees with more than one year of employment. Bonus amounts will be based on tenure. The payment structure is listed below. New employees hired after March 1, 2023 will receive a sign-on bonus at 90 an 180 days ($500 each milestone)
    • Retention Bonus Payout Structure
      • March, April, May: paid on 05/05; $900/$1050/$1200
      • June, July, August: paid on 08/04; $900/$1050/$1200
      • Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec: paid on 12/01; $1200/$1400/$1600
    • **PT employees will receive half of what the FT employees receive in their tenure bracket. PRN is not eligible.