Present & Future

Our Present and Future

Volunteers of America is proud to be an accredited, licensed not-for-profit business serving individuals and families who face some of our society’s most complex challenges. Because our mission focuses on the mental, physical and spiritual health of each person we serve, we are planning for a future in which we will broaden our core competency of care management. This person-centered, family-focused, integrated approach to transforming lives leverages the highly professional team that we have attracted to our mission.

What you need to know about us:

  • We focus on the health and well being of our clients, integrating all aspects of healthcare into our approach to care management.
  • We successfully address some of our communities’ most complex problems affecting individual and families.
  • We are accountable. We focus on quality and outcomes, measure our impact, and maintain transparency in our finances, employment practices, and operations.
  • Those we serve experience our core values of diversity, justice, commitment, integrity and compassion.

Looking to the future, this is our promise:

  • All who are served by us will experience an environment of professionalism, informed by best practices, quality, and respect.
  • We care about impact, and we will continue to have the licensing and accreditation to back that up.
  • We value technology and will continue to invest in an infrastructure that assures efficiency and accuracy.
  • We value knowledge and experience, and will continue to invest in a team of professionals utilizing well-researched best practices.
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