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Free HIV Testing


Volunteers of America Mid-States offers free HIV testing and anonymous HIV testing at its HIV office located at 933 Goss Ave, as well as multiple venues across the Kentuckiana area. Our program is always seeking new opportunities to provide Free HIV testing and services in the community. Please contact us at (502) 635-4505 for more information about HIV testing services.

Our Free HIV Testing Process Includes:

  • Either an anonymous oral swab test or finger prick (based on preference)
  • The rapid finger prick test takes approximately 5-7 minutes to process
  • HIV education and counseling conducted during the 20 minute time frame
  • If the test is positive:
    • Individuals will be asked to take a second, different test to confirm the results
    • If confirmed positive from the 2nd test, Individuals will be linked into comprehensive care to ensure their health and wellness are secured
  • If the test is negative:
    • Individuals will be offered a paper copy of test results and provided various resources if requested or warranted.

We also provide the ability to test couples as well! Go together, know together.

  • Our confidential couples tests allow individuals to ensure they are loving safely and continue to love safely by verifying their HIV status.

We welcome any suggestions or requests for how we can better expand our free HIV testing services at 502-635-4506 (for Louisville) or 502-635-4505 (For the wider Louisville Metro area and surrounding counties). Or email us at


Get an idea of what HIV testing looks like at Volunteers of America Mid-States