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Study Buddy: The Study Buddy program provides personal tutoring for children living at Unity House in Louisville. This assistance helps kids stay on track at school and reinforces good study habits when they exit to their own housing.

  • Commitment level: High, one โ€“ two hours per week
  • Location: In person
  • Supplies: Computer

Life Skills Educator: Whether you enjoy working with kids or adults, this opportunity is great if you enjoy sharing your skills and knowledge. Ranging from cooking to budgeting to fitness and beyond, your expertise will most certainly benefit our consumers.

  • Commitment level: Low, a one-time commitment customized to your life skill
  • Location: Virtual / In person
  • Supplies: Computer

Provide Food: This opportunity is ideal for individuals, families, colleagues, and faith-based or civic groups. Help coordinate a meal to be catered for our various programs. You can also donate food you produced in your garden or donate non-perishable foods.

  • Commitment level: Low, one-time project; High, as often as you would like
  • Location: Virtual / In person
  • Supplies: Computer

Clerical Assistance: Do have a passion for organization and helping complete tasks? If this sparks your interest, then perhaps clerical assistance is a great spot for you to utilize your talents. We can always utilize extra clerical assistance.

  • Commitment level: High, 3-4 hours once a week
  • Location: Virtual / In person
  • Supplies: Computer

Student Interns: If you are a student studying social work or are just interested in helping others, Volunteers of America offers a robust program that will prepare and expose you to the day-to-day operations of a large human service organization.

  • Commitment level: Varies
  • Location: Louisville, Lexington, Nashville, Memphis, New Albany and anywhere we offer veterans services.

Play Games: This unique opportunity that allows volunteers to play games such as Bingo with our consumers virtually or in person.

  • Commitment level: Low, a one-time commitment or ongoing
  • Location: Virtual / In person
  • Supplies: Computer

Family Fun Night/Day: This is an opportunity for you, friends, family members, co-workers, or any group to have fun with the families and kids living at Unity House. You can bring or mail craft materials and virtually teach our consumers how to create a craft.

Commitment level: Low, 1.5 hours once a month as often as desired

  • Location: Louisville

Restorative Justice Community Representative: This role will represent the โ€˜voiceโ€™ of the community. This is a broader voice as everyone in the community is impacted by the incident being address. The community representative will live in and represent the community where the incident occurred. They will consider and express the ripple effects the incident has on the community to aid in the awareness of the offender regarding the larger effects of his/her actions.

Commitment level: 2-4 hour training

  • Location: Louisville or Manchester

Restorative Justice Facilitator: This role assists VOA Restorative Justice Program staff with facilitating restorative justice conferences in the community. The restorative justice process requires facilitating three (3) conference meetings that include the pre-conference meeting with the victim party, the preconference meeting with the offender party and the final conference meeting with all parties.

Commitment level: 4 day training

  • Location: Louisville or Manchester

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