Positive Change Society

Positive Change Society

The Positive Change Society is our giving circle of donors who have invested in long-term solutions by pledging at least $1,000 per year for five years. To learn more, contact Farrah Ferriell, Director of Development, at (502) 636-4639 or FarrahF@voamid.org.


Abrams Family

Mr. William Altman

Ms. Taylor Amerman

Christy Ames and Rob Bonar

Michael and Catherine Arnold

Mrs. Ruth Atkins and Mr. Luis Prada

Natalie and John Bajandas

Ms. Barbara C. Banaszynski

Ms. Stephanie Barnett

Ms. Pamela E Barry

Mr. Andrew P. Beck

Mr. Donald R. Bell

Mr. Stacy Bell.

Mr. Ted Bertuca

Chris and Whitney Bishop

Ms. Collista Boone

Mr. Greg Bourke and Mr. Michael DeLeon

LuAnn and Michael Brent

Ms. Keesha Bridgeman

Mr. Randy Brothers

Ms. Meredith W. Brown

Mr. Thomas G. Burk Jr

Ms. Jane W. Burks and Mr. G. Richard Burks, II

Mr. Jared Burton

Terry and Dr. Shannon Cambron

Mr. Bart R. Carnes

Sandra and Carlous Chambers

Ms. Karan Chavis-Blakely

Ms. Ruth H. Cloudman

Mr. Christopher Conliffe

Phil and Jane Conner

Robert and Theresa Connolly

Adam and Theresa Coop

Drs. Robert and Kathleen Cooter

Mr. Alfonso N. Cornish

Crutcher Family Foundation

Ms. Patricia Cummings and Mr. John A. Bruggman

Sherall and JR Curtis

James and Catherine Darmstadt

Mr. Andrew Davidson

Carolyn and David Davis

Marc and Lisa DeJaco Crutcher

Donna and Charles Denny

Peg and Steve Diebold

Ms. Karen Dunaway

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Duncan

Mr. Howard "Erik" Eaker

Ms. Patricia L. Edmiston

Ms. Jennifer Englert-Copeland

Bill and Rosalie Faris

Mary and Ed Farmer

David W. and Maura B. Fennell

Ms. Farrah Ferriell

Mr. Kevin E. Fields Sr

Ms. Rita R. Finnie

J. David and Vicki Flanery

Joe and Angie Fleig

Keeta and Dave Fox

Paul and Mary Franz

Mr. Marion M. Gee

Tom and Laura George

Ms. Jan M. Glasgow

Ms. Tara Glover

Tiffany and John Hall

Ms. Deanna Hampton

Jennifer M. Hancock

Jenny and Terry Harris

Hal and Sheila Heiner

Ms. Pam Hendrickson

Mr. Kevin J. Hickey

Ms. Julie Hinson

Ms. Tabitha B. Hodges

Greg and Ann Hoeck

Mr. Demetrius O. Holloway

Robert and Pattie Imperial

Mr. Kevin Jaggers, PSC

Ms. Angela Johnson

Ms. Melissa Johnson

Sharon and Terry Johnson

James and Kathleen Kauffman

Don and Mary Carol Kelly

Todd and Kim Kennedy

Steve and Sharon Kerrick

Ms. Patti E. Killion

Gary and Anne King

Ms. Carolyn A. Klawitter

Mr. William F. Kolodey

Mr. Jon Kuehl

Ms. Surekha Kulkarni

Imagen, LLC

Vincent and Mary Lang

Mr. John T. Launius

Ms. Patrice Y. Lux

Ms. Lyn Mabry

Ms. Kimberly H. Maddox

Steve Magre

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Mann

Mrs. Joyce McKiernan, in memory of Ron McKiernan

George and Jennifer McMinn

Mr. Ken Middleton

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Miller

Ms. Nancy Miller

Ms. Connie Morgan, MSN, RN

Ms. Catherine Ann Muth

David and Jae Neumann

Catherine Newton, MD

Mary and Ted Nixon

Mr. Thomas M. Norris

R. Wood Northup

Mr. Nicholas B. O'Brien

Ms. Tandee L. Ogburn

Dickie and Linda Oliver

Mr. Ryan Parker

Judie Parks and Tim Gornet

Dave and Jennifer Parks

Ms. Virginia Peck

Jamie and Larry Pillsbury

Estate of Leslie and Gerry Presson

Mr. Mark Prussian

Ms. Paula M. Purifoy

Ms. Barry Queenan

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Rechter

Jennifer Recktenwald & Tony Peyton

Ms. Linda Rice

Ms. Cindy Rice Grissom

Ms. Teresa Roberts

Robert and Debra Roberts

Ms. Andrea Robinson

Rotary Club of Donelson-Hermitage

Ms. Melanie Roush

Mr. Larry M. Roy

Erika J. Ruth, MD

Henry and Lynn Sanders

Terry and Linda Scholes

Schuhmann Family Charitable Fund

Ms. Carol Schureck Petitt

Judge Paula Sherlock

Don and Cathy Shoemaker

Ms. Amy Shoemaker

Brad and Patti Smith

Caroline and Pete Smith

Kim and Jim Spalding

Joe and Christie Spencer

Mr. and Ms. L. S. Srinivasan

Leslie and Paul Strohm

Jack and Carolyn Sweeney

Charles and Melinda Tewell

Ken Thieneman Builder

Micki and Don Thomas

Mr. Steve Towers

Joanne and Ken Towery

Ms. Donna H. Trabue

Paulette and Christopher Turner

Mr. Jeff Underhill

Michael and Susan Vine

Andrea Walden and Eric Baker Jr

Ms. Courtney Wallace

Tom and Carol Walton

Christopher Ward

Ms. Michelle Wells

D'Andrea and Carl L. Williams Sr

Mrs. Frances H. Wilson

Dr. Shiao Y. Woo and John Shaw-Woo

Mr. Brian Yanofchick