An audio series dealing with all aspects of addiction recovery.

To me, it is the power of these drugs. They are powerful and they create powerlessness.

Dr. Mark Jorrisch

Volunteers of America hosted a community conversation in July about how we can all work together to meet the challenge of maternal addiction. The discussion with Volunteers of America President and CEO Jennifer Hancock, addiction treatment expert Dr. Mark Jorrisch and Freedom House graduate Brianna Smith helped everyone who attended understand that working together we can help moms overcome addiction and deliver healthy babies.

That conversation is the heart of our first VOA Recovery podcast, an ongoing discussion of the opioid epidemic and how providers, legislators, community leaders, medical experts and Kentucky families can take on addiction and win. We are very excited about our new forum to discuss this vital issue and Volunteers of America’s expanding role in keeping our families healthy and safe.

We hope you like what you hear.