Recovery Ready Communities

Recovery Ready Communities offers a comprehensive curriculum to guide public officials through the complex and unique challenges of each community as they attempt to reintegrate populations struggling with substance use disorder and maximize public health outcomes.

Our point-based system leaves room for city and county officials to work with RRC leadership to ensure the goals set for their populations are the best fit for them. Criteria can be met in the following areas:

  • Prevention: Ensuring residents have adequate available resources in the areas of community support, education, peer support, healthcare accessibility, harm reduction, and legal guidance can dramatically increase rates of success in the fight against substance use disorder.
  • Treatment: Those communities navigating treatment of populations who are suffering from substance use disorder require further access to resources, that are tailored to the needs of their residents, in the areas of community support, healthcare, provider support, additional resources for the incarcerated, and streamlining of government services.
  • Recovery Support: An essential and often overlooked aspect of success in the battle against substance use disorder is recovery support, which engages the community in areas of peer support, anti-stigma training for public officials and staff, employer resources, recovery-specific community support, work release and continuing education opportunities for incarcerated residents, and post-recovery collegiate education.

We want to connect with you to better prepare your community for recovery!