STATE OF ADDICTION: Freedom House expanding to southeast Kentucky

By Morgan Lentes


A treatment facility for pregnant women with substance abuse disorders will open in Clay County later this summer.

The new Freedom House will be the fourth operated by the Volunteers of America Mid-States in Kentucky.

The Freedom House program's goal is to deliver healthy babies. To date, 197 babies have been delivered at the organization's three current locations.

"I want other women out there that are struggling to know that there is help," said Nicole Collins, a graduate of the program. "I had no idea what was in store for me at Volunteers of America, and I had no idea that they were going to change my life for the greater good."

At a news conference Tuesday, Collins discussed how she got clean and delivered a healthy baby boy at one of the Freedom House locations in Louisville.

Sen. Robert Stivers said he hopes the new location will expand the program's reach and make addiction services more accessible across Kentucky.

"It won't just be in southeast Kentucky," said Stivers. "This is going to be a facility that will, if necessary, and beds available, take women from all around the state that need that service."

The new facility will have space for 20 women and their children. It is expected to open in July or August.

"Our Freedom House program provides state-of-the-art and customized addiction treatment to pregnant and parenting mothers working to overcome substance abuse disorder," said Jennifer Hancock, president of the Volunteers of America Mid-States. "We save money on very expensive care for neonatal abstinence syndrome."

On Tuesday, Aetna Better Health of Kentucky presented a check for $150,000 to help cover the cost of the new facility.

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