Candleridge Senior Housing Community provides secure, welcoming living environment for residents

President/CEO Jennifer Hancock visited Candleridge Plaza in May to meet and talk with residents about living in one of Volunteers of America's senior housing communities.

During the last decade, the number of seniors in the U.S. paying more than half of their income in rent in our country has been steadily rising, making the need for affordable housing more critical than ever. Volunteers of America Mid-States is working to lessen these financial burdens by providing affordable, safe and welcoming homes for seniors, like Candleridge Plaza Senior Housing Community in Knoxville, TN.

Resident Della Simerly, who moved into Candleridge Plaza in June 2015, said that moving into her apartment was "a dream come true" that was five years in the making.

Della, who is 72 and visually impaired in one eye, was living in a neighborhood where she exposed to violence and often felt unsafe. Now, she not only feels much safer, but also enjoys the renewed feeling of independence Candleridge has given her. Through a partnership with the Knox County Community Action Committee, Della and other residents are provided free transportation to the grocery store each week.

Located in the Knoxville suburb of Powell, Candleridge Plaza provides 100 quality, affordable housing units to low income individuals who are 62 years of age or older or mobility impaired. The service coordination offered at Candleridge Plaza helps residents maintain their independence by connecting them with community resources such as transportation, housekeeping assistance, meal delivery and legal advocacy.

Additional services provided to Della and all residents include wellness and preventative health care opportunities, monitoring services, benefits access, and other services that promote continued self-sufficiency. All services are free and confidential, with funding provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This lack of affordable housing was highlighted by Volunteers of America Mid-States President/CEO Jennifer Hancock in a February column in the Louisville Courier Journal, noting that "seniors who pay such a large share of their income just to keep a roof over their heads are often forced to make tough sacrifices, such as choosing between paying for rent and buying groceries or medicine."

Volunteers of America is committed to providing safe, affordable housing and a supportive community for our seniors so they won't have to make these tough decisions. Visit for more information about our Senior Housing Communities.