Volunteer Spotlight: Gloria Mucker uses her skills, passions to give back to children at Louisville Family Housing Services

Gloria Mucker is no stranger to supporting people in need of a helping hand in our community. She spends her days working with veterans as an employment specialist at the VA, and in her free time, she uses those same skills to give back to the families we are helping to overcome homelessness at Louisville Family Housing Services.

Gloria, who is an army veteran and who began her career as a social worker with Volunteers of America, knew she wanted to continue to give her time to the families we serve after she made a career change in 2014.

"Volunteers of America has such a wide array of programs that service all different populations of our community. I just felt like Volunteers of America does such a great service to the community and that it's really making a difference where I live," Gloria said. "For me, I just feel really proud to be a volunteer...I knew when I left (as an employee), I wanted to continue to be involved as a volunteer."

After talking with Volunteers of America Chaplain and volunteer coordinator Donna Trabue, Gloria was able to find a volunteer opportunity that fit her schedule and her skill set – hosting a Family Fun Night once a month at our Family Emergency Shelter. Gloria has organized a variety of activities during the last two years, ranging from family game nights to an ice cream social last month, sponsored by her church, New Zion Baptist.

For Gloria, seeing children light up with excitement when they are engaged in a board game and interacting with other kids makes these Family Fun Nights something she looks forward to each month. She also enjoys seeing familiar faces as she gets to know the families who are living with us while they work toward self-sufficiency.

"It's really nice – to have a child come up and welcome you and give you a hug," Gloria said.

If you would like follow Gloria's example and find a way to use your skills and passions to help support the families we serve, visit https://www.voamid.org/volunteer.