Northern Kentucky resident graduates high school with support of classmates, community

Graduating high school is a monumental event in the life of any teenager, and for Kodi, an individual receiving Community Living Support through our Developmental Disability Services in Northern Kentucky, this milestone was particularly gratifying.

Upon receiving her diploma at Boone County High School's graduation ceremony, Kodi's entire graduating class and all of the audience rose to applaud her for her determination and achievements during high school, including being on the honor roll throughout her high school career. Kodi's sister, Ashley, drove from Florida to experience Kodi's graduation ceremony and celebration.

Volunteers of America Mid-States has provided in-home support for Kodi throughout her time at Boone County High School. For more than two years, Northern Kentucky team members arrived at Kodi's house each morning before school to help her prepare for the day, and after school, they supported Kodi as she participated in activities and attended school functions, like football games, bonfires and prom.

Now that Kodi has graduated high school, this summer she will continue to stay active in her community, enjoy activities like going to the park, swimming in her family's pool and working towards building more strength and mobility each day.

Our Developmental Disabilities Services is dedicated to supporting individuals like Kodi to ensure that they are able live a full and happy life.