Louisville AIDS Walk and Pet Walk raises $220,000 for Kentuckiana AIDS Alliance

Staff gathered with their families and pets to represent Volunteers of America at the 
Louisville AIDS Walk and Pet Walk on September 20.

Almost 20 representatives from Volunteers of America Mid-States joined the nearly 2,000 Kentuckiana residents,and their pets, for 22nd annual Louisville AIDS Walk and Pet Walk on Sunday, September 20, 2015. The fundraising and awareness event focused on remembrance and celebration of life for community members both lost to and living with HIV/AIDS. The event successfully raised $220,000 for the Kentuckiana AIDS Alliance, a partner of VOA, who commissions the funds to directly support those affected by AIDS in our community. The event serves as an important reminder that HIV/ AIDS is still a serious, world-wide, issue that must be continually remembered and supported to maintain progress in searching for a cure. Thanks to our friends at the Kentuckiana AIDS Alliance for providing the opportunity for progress in our community.