Volunteers of America Mid-States partners with Chesapeake affiliate to serve homeless veterans in Virginia

Through a partnership developed this year, Volunteers of America Mid-States and Volunteers of America Chesapeake have joined forces to better serve homeless veterans in 23 counties in Virginia.


"As part of a national organization, Volunteers of America Mid-States is committed to working side-by-side with Volunteers of America Chesapeake to meet the needs of our nation's veterans," said Volunteers of America Mid-States President and CEO Jennifer Hancock.

We are proud to partner with Volunteers of America Chesapeake to expand services to support the more than 500 homeless veterans in Virginia. Together, through both organization's Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) programs, we are committed to helping veterans in need find housing, employment and self-sustainability.

"I'm thrilled to be able to offer our services to more Virginia veterans and their families," said Russell Snyder, Volunteers of America Chesapeake President and CEO, in a recent WHSV new story.

"The SSVF program is vital to making sure veterans receive the support they deserve and I am confident that, together with Volunteers of America Mid-States, we can provide veteran families all over the region with top-notch assistance to get them on their feet and keep them there."