Volunteers of America programs provide life-changing support to veterans across five-state service area

Throughout our five-state service area, Volunteers of America is among the region's largest providers of services to veterans. Our comprehensive services range from helping veterans find employment to locating affordable health care to providing addiction recovery counseling. Our dedicated and caring professionals served more than 2500 veterans last year – more than we have ever served before.

Nearly 300 attendees at our recent Building Better Communities Luncheon in New Albany, Indiana heard first-hand from one veteran who has received life-changing help from Volunteers of America.

Jason Brown shared his story of overcoming addiction and how Volunteers of America Mid-States helped him to find a home for his family.

"The Volunteers of America veterans program was made for me. All I needed was a hand. I desperately needed a place where my kids could be with me. A place where my family could be together again. Volunteers of America gave me that and more," Jason told guests at the luncheon.

Jason's willingness to share his very personal story was a highlight of the luncheon, but he is far from alone in receiving essential services from Volunteers of America when they are needed most.

Our Supportive Services for Veterans and Families (SSVF) Programs provide a wide range of services to low-income veterans and veteran families to help stabilize their living situations and plan for their futures.

Our services include assistance in obtaining Veterans Administration and other benefits. We frequently help locate affordable health care or childcare. We provide comprehensive case management, which may include finding transportation, housing and helping with financial planning. Our goal is simple – we want to be there to help our veterans who have done so much for us.

At the Building Better Communities Luncheon, Volunteers of America President and CEO Jennifer Hancock spoke at length about our commitment to veterans.

"Every day our veterans walk through the door – veterans who did not hesitate to serve our country. And we do not hesitate to serve them. In fact, it's an honor to give these men and women a fresh start and new hope. We do that by offering addiction recovery services, by locating affordable housing, by matching them with employers. We offer veterans comprehensive case management services that assess their needs and help them to set goals and reach them. We don't see this work as a favor or a gift to veterans – we see it as the right thing to do -- providing a service they have earned and deserve," Jennifer said.

In addition to the Supportive Service for Veterans Families program, Volunteers of America also administers the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program. Throughout our service region, including Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Southern Ohio and Clark and Floyd Counties in Indiana, our staff provide outreach and case management services that help veterans who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.

This vital program helps veterans find secure employment and stable, affordable housing. Our innovative program provides access to career counseling, job training, case management, support groups and follow-up services.

For veterans like Jason, Volunteers of America's wide range of services are what allowed him to reunite with his family in a safe and comfortable home.

"As you think about Volunteers of America, I hope you'll realize that the smallest things can make the biggest difference in someone's life. Someone who cares, someone who helps, someone who forgives you for your mistakes, someone who gives you a second chance. Volunteers of America did all of those things for me," Jason said.