Terry Richards COVID Vaccine Update 2/12/21

Kentucky Vaccine Information

Vaccine Sign Up

Employee Communication

Employment Verification Letter


I have several updates I want to share with everyone regarding vaccines, updated quarantine guidelines for those who have been vaccinated and face masks.

First, Kentucky has announced several new resources for vaccination. The attached document Kentucky Vaccine Information provides full details with links to sign up to schedule or register for the vaccine. Under Other Kentucky Resources is information specific to certain counties. ALL Kentucky staff should check the links provided by the state for all resources for vaccination in their area.

Second, I have attached the document titled Vaccine Sign Up that identifies the resources for vaccine for Indiana, West Virginia, and Tennessee. The second page has sites that are potential resources with some providing wait lists and pre-registration.


  1. Sign up for ALL wait lists and pre-registration opportunities. The more options available to you the better.
  2. After you have been scheduled for the vaccine then you can turn down any future invitations letting them know you already have an appointment scheduled or have been vaccinated.

NOTE: If you have received your first shot you MUST receive the second dose from the same place you received the first dose so there is no reason to accept any further invitations from any place else.

  1. Be prepared to have proof of employment, photo ID and insurance cars if you have insurance. The vaccine is free, but they are charging insurance companies and administration fee. I have attached the Employment Verification Letter previously provided by Terri Montgomery.

Finally, I have attached an Employee Communication providing CDC updates on quarantine guidance, to include after vaccination guidelines when exposed. Also, there have been some questions about wearing two masks. The current guidelines on masks is included as well.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help in any way I can.

Terry Richards, LMHC, CRC | Director of Operations Support
Volunteers of America Mid-States