Terry Richards COVID Vaccine Update 3/31/21

Kentucky Vaccine Information

IN, TN & WV Vaccine Information

COVID Housing Operations Response Plan


Attached is the most current information by state for signing up for the COVID vaccine. New sites continue to open and many pharmacies are offering the vaccine as well. I strongly encourage everyone to sign up for all waiting lists until you have a scheduled appointment. You can turn down future contacts for appointments after you have one scheduled.

As Jennifer Hancock mentioned on the D2 call today, if you have questions regarding the vaccine, want to talk with someone about your decision to get the vaccine OR need assistance getting signed up please reach out to me. My email address is terryr@voamid.org and my phone number is 502-636-4663. If you have questions I cannot answer I will work with you to help you get the answers you need.

Also, as mentioned earlier VOA Mid-States still is requiring the wearing of face masks in all of our facilities. Based on the number of employees and clients being vaccinated to date there is still too much risk for all of us to not follow this CDC guideline. The ONLY exception for not wearing a face mask at work is if you are in a meeting where everyone knows all present have been fully vaccinated and you are 6 feet apart. If in doubt, wear a mask!

The state of Indiana has decided to end the state wide mask mandate on April 6, 2021. However, employees during work time and clients are to continue to wear masks and that requirement does not change. Personally, as an Indiana resident my family and I have decided we will continue to wear masks in public per CDC guidelines so we can continue to stop the spread even though we all have been fully vaccinated.

In response to the question on when will visitors be allowed in Senior Housing, I am attaching the information from Karen Dunn regarding guidelines specific for HUD Senior Housing. The quick answer is it depends on what level of threat COVID-19 poses to residents and staff at the property. With five different properties the level of threat could be different for each one. Each property must assess the threat and determine what level they are currently in and follow the guidelines for visitors based on the level of threat. If there are more specific questions please contact Karen Dunn at karend@voamid.org for more information.

Finally, I am working with Gema Moreno on guidelines for Volunteers that will be shared once completed. In addition, I am working on guidelines for visitors and will be seeking input from various staff as this relates to programs, meetings, events, etc. This will be a step by step process with guidelines that slowly will get us back to “normal” operations safely to minimize risk to all employees and the people we serve.

Thanks to everyone for the work you do and remember to do your part to stay safe and healthy.

Terry Richards, LMHC, CRC | Director of Operations Support
Volunteers of America Mid-States