Outreach & Prevention: Get to Know Our Team

Val Farsetti has traveled the world working on innovative answers to some of society’s most challenging problems. Her passion for community building and expertise in sustainable development has taken her from Asia to Africa to South America. In Kenya, she worked on animal welfare and conservation, finding ways to protect elephants while keeping them from destroying local farmers’ crops. She provided medical services in a small village in Belize and supported people with disabilities in Chile. Her work has focused on the intersection between human, animal and environmental health. Today, VOA is fortunate to have Val as a vital team member leading HIV testing, education and outreach efforts. As Program Manager for HIV/AIDS Services, Val oversees VOA’s free and confidential HIV testing campaign and helps to educate our clients and assure they are receiving the services and support they need. “I love community-based work and connecting individuals and resources,” Val says, as she works with VOA to advance her life-long commitment to building healthier communities.


Tommie Robinson -- previously a VOA volunteer for multiple years offering HIV testing and outreach services -- joined our team full-time as an Outreach Specialist in October of 2021. 

When asked what motivates him to do this work Tommie replied, “I’m also HIV positive, so it made sense for me to work in a field I am passionate about. I love my job. I love helping people and I believe that working here is my purpose in life. I am so grateful that Jesus blessed me with this job.” 

When not at work Tommie is with his fur baby, Flora the explorer. She is super sweet. They both love chicken and being around people.


RJ Stone serves our community as a full-time Outreach Specialist. When asked why he chose to work in HIV Services he replied. “HIV effects both the LGTBQIA+ and African American communities to which I consider myself a part of. I think it so important to get out and educate people and make sure they have the tools to safely engage in sexual activities.” 

His goals include a desire to see a safe space created for the youth and elderly population to come and discuss their lives and share and grow through each other. I want to create an outlet for faster HIV education and reaching a broader audience through the use of all of our media resources.”