VOA FIT: Get to Know Our Team

Val Farsetti has traveled the world working on innovative answers to some of society’s most challenging problems. Her passion for community building and expertise in sustainable development has taken her from Asia to Africa to South America. In Kenya, she worked on animal welfare and conservation, finding ways to protect elephants while keeping them from destroying local farmers’ crops. She provided medical services in a small village in Belize and supported people with disabilities in Chile. Her work has focused on the intersection between human, animal and environmental health. Today, VOA is fortunate to have Val as a vital team member leading HIV testing, education and outreach efforts. As Program Manager for HIV/AIDS Services, Val oversees VOA’s free and confidential HIV testing campaign and helps to educate our clients and assure they are receiving the services and support they need. “I love community-based work and connecting individuals and resources,” Val says, as she works with VOA to advance her life-long commitment to building healthier communities.

Name: Hi! My name is Jenna Clark

Where are you from: I am from Louisville, KY.

How long have you been working here: I have been with VOA for a few months now and am so excited to be a part of the HIV services team. 

Why work in HIV services: Currently I am working on a project for VOA alongside the Center for Women and Families to learn the intersection between HIV and Intimate Partner Violence. I teach quarterly HIV education classes to the clients of CWF as well as perform weekly HIV testing there. I was incredibly grateful to land this job, as sexual health has always been something I have been interested in educating others about. It's something I feel has been stigmatized and not talked about enough. My passion for sexual health education, my experience of working with women in recovery and my education of a Bachelor of Project Management, I believe, is the perfect combination to a successful career here at Volunteers of America.

What is a goal of yours: My main goal is to advance in my role and learn everything I can, gain my Master of Social Work and hopefully become a program manager for an organization one day where I can help guide other individuals like myself to becoming the change this world needs and helping others lead a successful life.

Meet Ollie Drury who is from Radcliff, KY. Ollie is one of our newest colleagues and has been working with us since November 2020 Ollie states the reason why he chose to work with us and he states “I can remember the feeling of the first friend telling me he was positive just like it was yesterday. My heart sank. It was a different time then and the stigmas were much stronger than today. I knew that one day I would be given an opportunity to help make a difference so that no one would ever have to feel that fear that I had felt that day.” His goal is to continue on this career path to bigger and better things.

Name: Andrew Saltsgaver

Where am I from: Jeffersonville, Indiana.

How long have I been working here: Six Weeks.

Why work in HIV Services: I enjoy having the opportunity to help others and getting to create an atmosphere where people are able to be the best version of themselves.

What is a goal of yours: To build my knowledge in community services and to increase the successful outcomes of sustainability (in housing and living) within the HOPWA services of the VOA.