Outreach & Prevention: Get to Know Our Team


Marsha Lee

VOA Health Outreach & Prevention Program Manager

Marsha Lee is an ardent, caring leader that is passionate about housing justice, HIV services and providing our clients with the resources and care they need to lead successful, healthy lives. Marsha is a native of Louisville, Kentucky and has a rigorous background in housing initiatives – such as Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA,) business management and administration, and case management. Her work greatly emphasizes “meeting people where they are” and allowing clients the self-determination to make the best decisions for themselves. As Program Manager for VOA’s HIV/AIDS services, Marsha guides the Outreach & Prevention team’s efforts in HIV testing, education, community collaboration and outreach efforts.


Renarda Allen

VOA Health Outreach and Prevention Specialist

Renarda Allen is a Youth Outreach and Prevention Specialist at VOA Health, she is originally from Athens, Alabama (ROLLTIDE) but has called Louisville her home for many years. Renarda started working for VOA Health, April 2018. She was drawn to this work because of her passion in providing education and awareness to populations heavily affected by HIV, social injustices of HIV and her own desire to care about positive health outcomes.

When asked, what's the one thing you would share with someone that’s thinking about getting tested? She responded, “knowledge is power” and “getting tested is half the battle."

When Renarda is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and kayaking.


RJ Stone

VOA Health Outreach and Social Media Specialist

RJ Stone serves our community as an Outreach and Social Media Specialist. When asked why he chose to work in HIV Services he replied, “HIV effects both the LGTBQIA+ and African American communities to which I consider myself a part of. I think it so important to get out and educate people and make sure they have the tools to safely engage in sexual activities.”

His goals include a desire to see a safe space created for the youth and elderly population to come and discuss their lives and share and grow through each other. "I want to create an outlet for faster HIV education and reaching a broader audience through the use of all of our media resources,” RJ said.


Tommie Robinson

VOA Health Outreach and Prevention Specialist

Tommie Robinson -- previously a VOA volunteer for multiple years offering HIV testing and outreach services -- joined our team full-time as an Outreach Specialist in October of 2021. 

When asked what motivates him to do this work Tommie replied, “I’m also HIV positive, so it made sense for me to work in a field I am passionate about. I love my job. I love helping people and I believe that working here is my purpose in life. I am so grateful that Jesus blessed me with this job.” 

When not at work Tommie is with his fur baby, Flora the explorer. She is super sweet. They both love chicken and being around people.


Dasia Woods

VOA Health Outreach and Prevention Service Coordinator

Dasia Woods is a native of Lexington, Kentucky and has lived in Louisville for the past five years. Within those five years, she has graduated the University of Louisville with a Bachelor’s in Social Work, and is currently fulfilling her Masters. 

She has served her community through advocacy, activism, community building, social justice and closing educational achievement gaps. Her work has centered intersectionality: the effects of how race, gender, and sexuality converge. She is passionate about serving all populations and providing resources in HIV services, especially the African-American and LGBTQIA+ community. 

She is blessed and fortunate to serve VOA and our clients as the Outreach & Prevention Service Coordinator providing HIV testing, education, PrEP services, linkage to care and additional resources, and ensuring clients are receiving the proper care they deserve. In her free time she enjoys performing spoken-word poetry at local community events, cooking comfort food, exercising and spending time with her kitty, Izzy. 

Dasia says, “The best part about the work I do is the wonderful people I meet and the awesome community resources I’ve learned about. I love engaging with the community and advocating for our clients.”


EM Brown (They/Them)

VOA Health Outreach and Prevention Specialist

Emily Brown, better known as Em, first joined VOA Health as a Community Health Worker in April 2022 and currently serves the Louisville community as an Outreach & Prevention Specialist. Em is passionate about activism, community engagement, environmental and social justice, and global health equity. Outside of VOA Em enjoys creating art, spending time in nature, and playing with their two cats, Molly Mae and Buffy.


Joe Coleman

Sr. Case Manager for the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) Program

Joe Coleman is a graduate from the University of Kentucky with a background in Social Work, Mental Health Counseling & Music Performance. Joe joined our team as a Case Manager in May of 2022 and was recently promoted to Senior Case Manager for HOPWA Services. 

“My passions are fighting for providing housing to clients in need, combating social inequity and promoting integrity and indiscriminate compassion for all beings."


Darby Phillips

VOA Health Outreach and Prevention Specialist

Darby Phillips joined VOA’s Outreach & Prevention team as an Outreach Specialist in May. Darby assists with HIV testing at the office and throughout the community, implements sexual health and HIV education and ensures clients receive the care they need. 

She graduated from Asbury University as a Sociology major with a focus on social inequalities, research methods and removing barriers for marginalized communities. Her passionate, tenacious demeanor ignites her persistent enthusiasm for social justice and sexual health education. Darby has an extensive background working with youth, volunteering with homeless populations, administration and outreach. 

Outside of VOA, Darby is a proud kitty mom of Yuzu. She loves to garden and care for her plants. When asked what motivates her to do this work, Darby says, “I am dedicated to serving our clients and increasing awareness about HIV and sexual health through education. I’m grateful to be a part of this team and engage with the community of Louisville through outreach.”