VOA Today: A message from Rita Finnie

Something New

In 2019, I learned a valuable lesson. I learned that God is for me! Now I have been in church all of my life so I knew that God was on our side, but I never got the revelation that he is for me. I have never felt worthy and when I missed up I often feel like I am disqualified. The first thing I had to realize is that God is not holding my faults, sins, and transgressions against me. Once I ask him to forgive me it's a done deal. Secondly, I had to acknowledge that there are two plans for my life. The first one focuses on my failures, faults, fears, and poor self-image. It tells me that I can't do it and I should just give up. The alternate plan focuses on my beliefs, won battles, and my resemblance to the image of God. It promises that in spite of what I go through on the journey, I win! The choice is mine to make and I make my choice based on the thoughts I allow to formulate in my head. When I just think about all the promises God gave us they chase out all of my fears and my eyes are wide open to his love. There is no way that he could love me enough to send Jesus in my place and not be for me! He is not only for me but he is for you too! Stop and consider why our Almighty God would kneel down and draw us to him. Easy because he loves us. Once we get an understanding of how our Heavenly Father loves us; we can then look back and see how God has always been rooting for us. He was my biggest fan even when I didn't know it. So when I am open to being worthy of us his love I am transformed into a candidate for God to do something new and radical! He can only do this new thing if you can trust that he is for you!