VOA Today: A message from Tom George

I am writing to provide a brief update on our organization’s year to date financial activities through November 2019.

We have showed significant improvements in our program operations from last year. Through November 2018, we lost $367,000! This year, we have earned $11,000, a turnaround of $378,000! You are responsible for making this amazing improvement over last year!  Let me explain how YOU have made this happen!

  • Homeless and Housing Services – You have consistently performed very well to our budget for the past 5 years! Your team is stable, you work well with the Community Engagement team to manage the logistics of our volunteer program there and our donors continue to provide support specifically designated for our VOA Home services. This support offsets our required donation to help reduce the losses we incur there. These relationships are critical to our agency’s success. Just recently, we received another grant from Niagara Bottling to support the clients there, providing a 3 year grant totaling over $300,000! Now, we must see progress in providing clinical services to your clients and being successful managing the revenue cycle.
  • Addiction Recovery Services – You have made huge strides from last year to this year. Last year, you had a very challenging transition to Electronic Health Records that required a significant learning curve. Staff turnover resulted and increased the obstacles to success. You overcame those challenges, stabilized your program operations and you now have assembled a great team that has made a huge impact on the quality of services and resulted in an improvement from last year of $265,000 in Addiction Recovery Services alone!!! Great job!
  • Prevention Services – Like Homeless and Housing Services, you have consistently performed well over the past 5 years. Your excellent services have inspired donors to contribute specifically to your programs, helping to offset our agency required match programs. This has allowed us to perform better than budget and support other programs.
  • Veterans Services – You continue to receive high marks for quality of service, outcomes and financial reporting. Just recently, we completed our independent agency audit and had no findings in our Veterans programs (I am particularly happy with this )!!! These programs require rigid funder guidelines and you continue to exceed funder and auditor expectations, so much that we continue to grow our services to our veterans.
  • Developmental Disabilities Services – You continue to provide excellent service despite the challenges of staff turnover and reduced client census. Over the past 15 years, the DDS programs have been the anchor that has financially supported our agency. We could not otherwise continue to provide the breadth of services across our geography. This fiscal year, you have reduced your overtime by $54,000 from last year! You have reduced the open staff positions which has lessened the burden on each of you to fill in for open shifts in all of your homes.

Each of us has a role to play that impacts the agency’s financial performance and you have proven it this year. You have focused on DDS scheduling to reduce our overtime. You are filling open positions quicker to fill the gaps in the shifts. Clinicians are providing the right documentation that expedites our clinical billings that allows us to be paid quicker. Your clinical authorizations team provides timely requests of the MCOs to allow us to be reimbursed for services you provide. Otherwise, we will provide those services, but not be paid for them. Veterans services require significant documentation before we can be reimbursed. You provide all of that documentation so we may be reimbursed !

You have made these improvements by focusing on the areas each of you can manage and control in your daily work. It is so important that each of us focus on our individual and program goals so that the agency continues to perform well. All of the items that I noted above AND MORE must happen before we can be successful and continue to provide the services we do. We each have to focus on our individual goals for the rest of this year so we as an agency as a whole can meet our team goals. Thank you all for all you do!!! Now, let’s continue this focus and success for the balance of the year. I know we can do it!