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Inspire: Compassionate Work

The special COVID-19 Edition of Inspire newsletter is now available! Every day for the past several months, our VOA family has worked together to overcome the unprecedented challenges COVID-19 presents. This dedication and consistent commitment to VOA's mission deserves recognition. Our digital edition of Inspire tells the stories of our hardworking colleagues as they continue to overcome all obstacles to serve our community's most vulnerable. Read their stories at 

Look, learn and listen.

In her seven years serving adults with intellectual and
developmental disabilities for Volunteers of America, those are
three words that have guided LaTanya Crutcher.

โ€œThatโ€™s what people need to know. You need to learn about
the individual and listen to them and it all comes naturally,โ€
LaTanya said.

Read more about LaTanya's story in our COVID-19 Edition of Inspire: voamid.org/inspire