VOA Today: Family Stabilization Program: Rapid Re-Housing Graduation Celebration

By Elizabeth Cooper, Family Stabilization Program Manager

Our Family Stabilization Program just recently celebrated our first family to cycle through our 12 months of rental assistance program. The Snedegar Family began their journey at the Family Emergency Shelter. They are the first family referral received for our Continuum of Care (CoC) Rapid Re-Housing Program. Camille Hood was assigned as their case manager and worked with Pete & Beth with their housing and income goals and supportive services. This family is also the very first family to graduate our program with a savings of $2,000. The savings program has always been an income goal for participants in rapid re-housing but often find it difficult to put money away for their emergency/rainy day fund. The Snedegars were referred to the Move Up Program and have been approved for permanent housing with Section 8. They plan to use a small portion of their savings for a deposit on a new unit. Congratulations to Pete, Beth & family for a job well done and for being an inspiring example for other families!