VOA Today: Financial Activities Update from Tom George

By Tom George, CFO

I am writing to provide a brief update to you on our organization’s financial activities for our year that ended June 30. We showed significant improvements in our program operations last year. Last year we earned a small profit due to major improvements we made over the past two years and, even more importantly, we have set ourselves up well to have a great year this year! This year, we have budgeted to earn $75,000 that will help support programs across our organization.

Early last year we experienced challenges with overtime in our developmental disability services (DDS) and productivity in our addiction recovery services (ARS). Overtime continued to be high in DDS as we faced challenges filling open staff positions there. We have wonderful team members who have been supporting our clients for many years, but it continues to be a challenge retaining some of our newer team members. For the second half of last year, we doubled down on overtime management and filling open positions and we have begun the year strong with tremendous support from all of you in DDS. We also doubled down on our census improvements in ARS. Our residential census has averaged 18 since the 4th quarter of last year and has continued into this new year. That is tremendous!

Please know we see how hard you in our DDS and ARS teams are working and your sharp focus in this area. It truly affects the health of our entire organization so we applaud you!

The public support we have received continues to be critical and an excellent example of this is the new Freedom House program in Southeastern KY is being fully funded through donations.

We have looked for ways to reduce our spending at the administrative level and have done so successfully over this past year. Our priority has been keeping the resources devoted to our program services and staff and ensuring that all of our team members get performance raises this year.

As we start this new fiscal year, I hope you will engage with all of our agency leaders and particularly my team and me on our financial health. I look forward to talking to you on the D2 call and sharing more about where we are headed for this fiscal year and the many bright spots we have to celebrate in program operations not only with our financial health, but also with the electronic health records initiative.