VOA Today: Justice Corner

At VOA, we are committed to the core values that guide our work, and compassion and justice are at the heart of those beliefs. The tragic events taking place all over our nation should serve as a call to action. VOA hears that call and we are committed to continuing to be a part of a solution that brings fairness and equity to every person. Justice corner serves as an outlet for information on the social justice movement taking place in our society. We will consistently update with news articles, resources and and from our colleagues who want to be heard. We encourage you to participate and reach out to Communication Coordinator Meghan Breen via email, meghanb@voamid.org, with information you would like to share.

Join us August 10th 4 p.m. EST/3 p.m. CST for an open dialogue on Racial Justice 

On June 29, 54 VOA Mid-states employees joined in our first virtual Racial Justice Dialogue for a rich and robust conversation with our facilitator and consultant, Marian Vasser of the University of Louisville. These sessions are a safe place for authentic engagement and questions. Marian has shared the PowerPoint slides with content that she referenced in the first session. All are welcome to join in the next one hour sessions on Monday, August 10th 4:00 p.m. EST/3:00 p.m. CST. Whether you participated in the initial session or not, you can still be a part of the discussion as we more fully engage with our organizational value of justice.

These sessions will be co-facilitated by Marian R. Vasser, Diversity and Equity Practitioner, and Donna Trabue, Affiliate Chaplain.