VOA Today: Meet Our VOA Family

5 Questions with Tamara Reif:

Have you worked at other Non-profit agencies? I started my career at The Center for Women and Families – I worked there for 16 years before coming to VOA. What is different about Volunteers of America? 

I have felt from the very beginning that the sense of teamwork and accountability to the mission is held at a very high standard. I have learned more about myself and my areas of strength and growth in my two years with VOA than I ever have. 

Our core values are compassion, commitment, diversity, integrity and justice. Which one speaks to you most and why? 

It’s so hard to pick just one! But for me commitment is key – even when I am not always sure of the answer or yet what the direction might be, I am always committed to figuring it out and being there to support all aspects. I also expect my teams to be committed to this work and I hope that I am always able to help them be committed.

Tell us about your most inspiring moment with a client? 

There have thankfully been so many! The one that sticks out to me most is standing at the Metro council hearing with Amanda S. and her twin baby girls. She has worked through several of our programs and I was able to get her connected to a wonderful volunteer job and that has resulted in a position with them!

Your work is challenging – what motivates you to keep doing this rewarding yet sometimes difficult work? 

Seeing clients and staff succeed is what continues to motivate me. When things get rough I try and remember that we are doing amazing and special work that not everyone gets to do.

What is your favorite hobby? 

I love taking pictures. I have been doing some sort of photography since I was in HS and on the yearbook staff. I now do a lot of family photos and people actually pay me for it!