VOA Today: Summer fun in our Adult Foster Care program

By Tim Delaney

Recently highlighted in our latest edition of Inspire, our Northern Kentucky DDS program’s Adult Foster Care (AFC) provider, Walt Pierce, described how his goal is to ensure his person supported, Dale, has a sense of inclusion and community involvement daily. Specifically, Walt mentions the various trips the pair have taken over the years to places like Port Clinton, OH and Gatlinburg, TN. If you haven’t read the story in our latest edition, I encourage you to do so as it truly highlights our organization’s core value of commitment. Click here to read the latest Inspire newsletter now.

Vacation getaways are one of the many ways our AFC providers help to enrich the lives of persons supported. Just like anyone else, leisure travel is a time for relaxation, sightseeing, and meeting new people. As such, I wanted to highlight some amazing vacations that our other AFC providers recently embarked upon with their ‘extended family members’.

Ina and Susan live with their AFC provider, Gloria in Union, KY, while Deborah is an AFC provider for Georgina in Elsmere, Ky. Deborah and Gloria are longtime friends and together they planned a girl’s trip to Las Vegas for all. They stayed at a hotel/casino where they did what everyone else who visits “Sin City” does – they shopped, played the slot machines, attended some off-Broadway shows and enjoyed the buffets! They also visited Hoover Dam and checked out the Grand Canyon.

And Georgina wasn’t done traveling for the summer as she and Deborah took a trip to Wrigley Field to watch a Chicago Cubs game in July. She also went to the Navy Pier and took in the sites of the big city.

Lisa, an AFC provide for Henry and Franklin, in Union, KY, has planned a trip to Lake Cumberland later this month for her individuals.

I hope that, like our AFC providers and their persons supported, that you and yours had as much fun this summer creating such great memories.