VOA Today: Use our new email signatures

By the VOA Communications Team: Doug Scofield, Meghan Breen and Mary Ellen Howard

We are excited to share that we have created new email signature images featuring a wide variety of VOA programs and events. We believe these images capture our mission and the diverse and essential services we provide. They feature some of our most recent and engaging photography, as well as new programs like Restorative Justice and our new Empower subscription box.

You will find each of the new signatures below. We encourage you to choose a new image and update your signature line. Of course, feel free change it as often as you would like – updates are easy. We know we have not covered every program or region with this initial library of images. We will keep expanding it. If you have a particular signature image in mind, please reach out to our communications team at the contact info below.

To save the email signatures, right click on the one that you want and click "save image as..." OR email Doug (DougS@voamid.org), Mary Ellen (MaryEllenH@voamid.org) or Meghan (MeghanB@voamid.org) and tell us which signatures(s) you would like us to send you.

Adding an image to your signature line is not difficult. Simply follow the directions below, and please reach out to the Communications team with any questions:

First, choose the image you’d like to have in your signature line & save it to your desktop.

  • Save your preferred image to your desktop
  • Open your MS Outlook system
  • Click “New Email”
  • Choose “Signatures” from the top toolbar, click on the bottom choice, “Signatures…”
  • Choose “new”
  • In the rectangular open text area at the bottom under your signature text, choose the Image Icon which is the 2nd from the right on the toolbar
  • This will take you to a file search screen. Find your Desktop and choose the signature image you’ve saved.
  • Click “Insert”
  • Click “Save”
  • This will place it in your signature line

Now that you have your image inserted, you can make it a clickable link.

  • Click on the image to highlight it, then click the Hyperlink Icon
  • In the left column, make sure Link to Existing File or Web Page is selected (#6 in orange circle)
  • In the bottom Address text field, type in the web address that is on the image you’ve chosen to use (#7 orange circle)
  • Click Ok
  • Then Click Ok again on the Signatures and Stationary screen

Thank you & please let us know if you have any questions.

Contact Information:

Doug Scofield, Senior Director of Communications and Government Relations

Mary Ellen Howard, Communications and Creative Services Manager

Meghan Breen, Communications Coordinator


Email Signature Library: