VOA Today: Wayne Corp Financial Wellness Free Webinars

BUDGETING WHEN INCOME IS UNCERTAIN - April 17th & April 24th @ 12:00pm (EST) / 9:00am (PT) on each Friday

Millions of Americans are seeing their income become increasingly unpredictable. The good news is that there are many new programs trying to help. Each webinar in this series will begin with a few minutes covering government-based programs and nationwide resources as they develop. The next 20 minutes or so will focus on specific budgeting tactics, student loan repayment strategies and debt/credit tips that can help during these challenging times. We’ll wrap up with 30 minutes spent addressing your questions.

INVESTMENT STRATEGIES IN VOLATILE MARKETS - April 17th & April 24th @ 3:00pm (EST) / 12:00pm (PT) on each Friday

Financial markets are volatile whenever the future earnings of companies, the stability of industries or the direction of global economies are uncertain. So when this happens, what do you do? Each webinar in this series will spend a few minutes reviewing updates to government and corporate actions intended to stabilize the markets, with the majority of time centered on investing principles, plus current investment opportunities and challenges. Investment themes addressed will be those most often brought up by our members. We’ll leave the last 30 minutes to address your questions and concerns.

Wayne Corporation hopes you, your family and your employees stay healthy.

Click HERE for a link to webinars. Reservation is required. Sign up early to reserve your seat (seating is limited.)