VOA Today: Weekly Payroll

Weekly Payroll Is Here:

VOA Mid-States is constantly working to implement best practices and simplify processes to provide a better place to work. After reviewing our payroll process, we’ve determined that we can simplify and improve service by standardizing pay cycles by moving from a semi-monthly, (15th and 30th of the month/24 payrolls a year) to a weekly pay schedule. To make this possible, employees will receive the first check of 2020 that will cover hours from 12/16-12/31 on January 10th (5 days sooner than our normal cycle). After that first check, employees will be paid every Friday (see schedule below). In addition, we are also making a change to the work week to make this transition possible. The work week will begin on Wednesday and end on Tuesday evening. Paychecks will be processed every Friday beginning January 10th.