VOA Voices

Who are the voices of VOA?

They are veterans and adults with developmental disabilities. They are families facing homelessness, moms and dads struggling with addictions, friends who need answers about HIV. They are donors and volunteers who lend a helping hand. They are the voices of our community, coming together.

  • Derrick Dennis

    Derrick Dennis

    "VOA doesn't just treat the particular circumstance, they treat the whole person."

    Meet Derrick
  • Jenny Harris

    Jenny Harris

    β€œI know from the experience of taking care of parents and relatives that caring for someone is the hardest job there is. The beautiful and talented staff at VOA are some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

    Meet Jenny
  • Randy Craft

    Randy Craft

    "What we do is life-changing - we give moms and kids a chance to get their lives back and I just feel blessed to a part of VOA."

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  • Dr. Janikaa Sherrod

    Dr. Janikaa Sherrod

    "I am excited to see the change we talk about. I want to change the narrative. Everybody - no matter who they are or where they live, deserves access to the basic necessities."

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  • Walter Mullins

    Walter Mullins

    β€œFor this community, the RCC was really the missing link – after you leave treatment, you need support. I love helping people overcome barriers. We are a place for socialization and getting connected. You can celebrate recovery milestones. This place is exactly where I’m meant to be.”

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  • kacie.jpg

    Kacie Cleveland

    "The more and more I achieved, the more I believed in myself."

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  • Gloria Mucker

    Gloria Mucker

    "I know VOA in so many ways. I'm a former staff member and an enthusiastic volunteer. I'm a veteran and a social worker. But most of all, I am a believer."

    Meet Gloria
  • Kurt Watson

    Kurt Watson

    "With Volunteers of America, you can rest assured that your support is getting to the people who need it."

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  • Donna Trabue

    Donna Trabue

    Donna knows that inspiring hope has never been more important than it is now, and that inspiration can come in many forms.

    Meet Donna