VOA Voices

Who are the voices of VOA?

They are veterans and adults with developmental disabilities. They are families facing homelessness, moms and dads struggling with addictions, friends who need answers about HIV. They are donors and volunteers who lend a helping hand. They are the voices of our community, coming together.

  • Jackie Pair

    Jackie Pair

    “It’s the best feeling. VOA just touches your heart.” Dr. Jackie Pair’s extensive work for others is guided by a simple philosophy, “to whom much is given, much is required.”

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  • Walter Mullins

    Walter Mullins

    “For this community, the RCC was really the missing link – after you leave treatment, you need support. I love helping people overcome barriers. We are a place for socialization and getting connected. You can celebrate recovery milestones. This place is exactly where I’m meant to be.”

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  • forvoicespage.jpg

    Tawanda Chitapa

    At this momentous time, Tawanda encourages all of us to “see” each other by understanding each other with compassion and respect.

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  • Gloria Mucker

    Gloria Mucker

    "I know VOA in so many ways. I'm a former staff member and an enthusiastic volunteer. I'm a veteran and a social worker. But most of all, I am a believer."

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  • Walt and Dale

    Walt and Dale

    “As soon as I arrived, Dale latched on to me. He grabbed my hand and stayed by my side. We’ve been friends ever since,” Walt said.

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  • Donna Trabue

    Donna Trabue

    Donna knows that inspiring hope has never been more important than it is now, and that inspiration can come in many forms.

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