NEWS: Voice-Tribune, September 16, 2015 (091515)

Power of 1 Breakfast

September 16, 2015

On September 16, Volunteers of America hosted its Power of 1 Breakfast to raise money for the individuals it serves. We sit down with Volunteers of America of Mid-States Senior Director of Development Farrah Ferriell and with Judie Parks, who, along with her brother Dave, is one of the greatest supporters of the organization.

What does Volunteers of America offer the Louisville community?

FF: Volunteers of America Mid-States offers 39 diverse services that serve our community’s most vulnerable with efforts including services for veterans, addiction recovery residential treatment programs, homeless and housing services, development disabilities services and HIV prevention services. We provide comprehensive, professional and clinical services to the entire family, as we feel it is important that the whole family work together to eradicate the barriers that led to addiction or homelessness.

Why have you chosen to support this event and organization?

JP: Volunteers of America’s mission hits very close to home for me. It’s very easy to see someone on the street that looks polished and professional and jump to the conclusion that all is well in their world. My work at Volunteers of America has brought to light the distinct width that divides someone who “has” from someone who “has not.” The width is the size of one footprint over that fine line. This is our community, and it is our responsibility to ensure that its people are well taken care of, especially children.

How else are you involved with Volunteers of America?

JP: I have been involved with Volunteers of America since 2011 when my niece Kate and I volunteered at their program for homeless families. Today, I host a monthly Women’s Empowerment class, collect gifts at our Holiday Party for the children they serve, and serve as a member of both the board of directors and the Positive Change Society. My brother, a proud Marine veteran, has just been introduced to this organization through my involvement, and he is passionate about issues that impact veterans. Dave has a strong compassion toward servicemen returning to civilian life and trying to get their feet back on the ground … As a company, he and I made a challenge gift at the Power of 1 Breakfast that inspired guests to join the Positive Change Society, a multi-year giving society for donors ready to make a long-term investment in their mission. We will match the first year of their five-year-commitment!

How can people get involved with Volunteers of America?

FF: Individuals, groups and corporations can get involved with our mission by volunteering at one of our residential programs, on our board of directors or one of our committees, or by signing up to host a table at our 2016 Power of 1 Breakfast. The best way to begin learning about Volunteers of America is to attend a tour and see this mission firsthand. Contact Tandee Ogburn at or 502.636.4638 to get involved or learn more! You can also visit our website for a list of volunteer opportunities.