World Aids Day | 5 Days of Awareness

World Aids Day | 5 Days of Awareness - Calendar of Events

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    Saturday November 26th

    November 26th at 10:00am-2pm, Westend Outreach and Testing @ Krogers on 28th and Broadway

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    Monday November 28th

    Nov 28th - Eastend Outreach (Goss Ave and Highlands)

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    Tuesday November 29th

    Nov 29th - Social Media Visibility

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    Wednesday November 30th

    HIV and Sexual Health Education 2 Workshops: 9:30am-11:00am Facilitators: Daisa Woods and Darby Phillips 11am-12:30pm Facilitators: Renarda Allen and Em Brown

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    WORLD AIDS DAY | Thursday December 1st

    We will be partnering with the University of Louisville's Health and Promotion, on the Belknap Campus in their Culture Center located on the 3rd floor of the SAC building, providing Testing: 10am-2pm Thursday Eventing Dec 1st (World AIDS Day) UofL 550/ Ryan White Program 5pm-9pm Testing Event: Black Women’s Prevention and Outreach The Gathering Place 1619 W. Main Street Louisville Ky, 40203