Why I love working for VOA

Congratulations to our $25 gift card and VOA swag winners - Pearl Alexander, Monica Bradley and Marchelle Anderson. Check out their submissions below to learn more about their programs and why they love working for VOA. 

Pearl Alexander - VOA's Addiction Recovery Program Manager

Monica Bradley - Program Assistant

"I have been at VOA for 14 1/2 years. I have always loved to help people whenever I can. I just love to see the smiles on their faces. I started out as a DSP in November of 2006 and then a Home Manager in 2016 for two years. I had to have ankle surgery in 2018 and after that my doctor advised me that I needed a job where I am not on my feet a lot and now, I am the Program Assistant at our Middle Tennessee office. I miss our individuals, but I do get to see them when they visit the office or if I go to one of the homes to drop off a package. Giving back has always been my life mission and I plan to continue doing so."

Marchelle Anderson - SSVF Case Manager

"The reason why I love working at VOA is because of the service work we get to do for our community. We help and we serve those who are in need. Being a case manager in the veterans program, I am able to give back to those who have served and fought for our freedom."