Belonging Matters

Building Community through a Family Project

Belonging Matters is a pilot project funded by Indiana’s Bureau of Disabilities Services (BDS) to
support people with a disability and their families. In the next two years, we are partnering with
Starfire Council of Greater Cincinnati.

We will provide guidance to families thru the completion of a community based project which
aims to foster connections and increase visibility in their community. Thru this process, we will
explore dreams, goals and interests not related to the persons disability. This leads to a person
having a positive, visible identity where they live.

Examples of projects could include organizing a neighborhood art project, a garden, hosting a
video game party or any activity based on the person’s interests and hobbies.

We will do this by focusing on these key tenets:

  • Create more social connections within their community
  • Build relationships around shared interests and passions
  • Build a more inclusive world for all


  • Get 1:1 guidance from VOA staff to create and launch their project
  • Receive a $500 stipend
  • Receive a $1,000 project budget
  • Have access to monthly structured discussions and community story hour
  • Obtain access to training courses


David Block
Associate Director of VOA Community Non-Residential or (502) 468-1510

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