Positive Change Society

The Positive Change Society is our giving circle of donors who have invested in long-term solutions by pledging at least $1,000 per year for five years. To learn more, contact our VP of External Relations, Natalie Pasquenza by clicking the button below or calling (502) 636-4655.

Aacon General Contractors
Mr. Shon Adams
Deann Allen, Ph.D.
Mr. Matthew Ansert
Ms. Pamela E. Barry
Ms. Colleen Beach
Jeremy Dyer and James Duffy,
   Beargrass Development
Mr. Donald R. Bell
Mr. Theodore J. Bertuca
Mr. Neville Blakemore
Susan and Kevin Borders
Mr. Greg Bourke and Mr. Michael DeLeon
Randy and Melissa Brothers
Kaitlyn and Sherman Brown
Mr. Doug Brumleve
Ms. Andrea Bruns
Mr. Gregory J. Bubalo
Ms. Jane W. Burks and Mr. G. Richard Burks, II
Mr. Donald Carney
Mr. Chris Caspar
Mr. Kevin R. Clayton
Ms. Rita R. Clements
Larry and Joan Coffey
Ms. Christina Collins
Gretchen and Jon Copley
Mr. Alfonso N. Cornish
Ms. Debbie Cox
Mr. John Cunningham
Catherine and James Darmstadt
Marc and Lisa DeJaco Crutcher
Dr. and Mrs. Scott D. Duncan, MD, MHA
Drs. Kelli and David Dunn
Mr. Sam C. Ellington
Mary and Ed Farmer
Mrs. Maura B. Fennell
J. David and Vicki Flanery
The Franz Family
Paul and Mary Alice Franz
Tom and Laura George
Ms. Abbie Gilbert
Rickey and Alycia Green
Ms. Cindy Grissom
Mr. Tim Hafling
Ms. Jennifer M. Hancock
Ms. Jamie Harness
Jenny and Terry Harris
Ms. Kim Hartz
Ms. Karen Hartz
Ms. Julie Hinson
Ms. Anyah Hoang Ansert
Mr. Richard V. Hornung
Mr. John Houchens
Mary Ellen and Pat Howard
Sharon and Terry Johnson
The Honorable Angela J. Johnson
Kellner Green, PLLC
Don and Mary Carol Kelly
Steven M. Kelsey, PhD, M.Ed
Mr. Mitchell Kersting
Mr. Phillip Kollin and Ms. Brooke A. Heiser
Shannon and James Kraus
John and Carly Launius
Mr. David Lockard
Ms. Nicole Lowery
Mr. John Mackey
Ms. Anita McCarroll
Mr. John McCarthy
George and Jennifer McMinn
Rachel and Daniel Meade
Steve and Anna Lee Mershon
Ms. Terri Montgomery
Mr. W. Patrick Mulloy
David and Jae Neumann
Mr. Thomas M. Norris and Ms. Rhonda Davis
Mr. Michael J. O’Connell
Ms. Judie Parks
David and Jennifer Parks
Ms. Natalie Pasquenza
Ms. Meranda B. Phillips
Steve and Merry-Kay Poe
Mr. Carl M. Powell
Mr. Paul G. Presson Jr
Ms. Kristin Putnam
Ms. Linda Rice
Mr. Doug P. Rose
Grant Rubesh, OD
Mr. George W. Rue, III
Mr. Nimer Saikaly
Ms. Jessica Sawyer
Ms. Amy E. Shoemaker
Mr. George Silvey
Ms. LaShonta Smith
Brad and Patti Smith
Ms. Jennifer Spear
Mr. Wes Stowers
John and Carolyn Sweeney
Ann and Brad Swope
Micki and Don Thomas
Ms. Donna B. Trabue
Ms. Anne M. Vandervort
Michael and Susan Vine
Mr. Christopher A. Ward
Kurt and Emily Watson
Mr. Harold R. Weinberg
Mr. Sean G. Williamson
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