Lisa Neal


Service Coordinator, Candleridge Plaza Senior Living Community

Lisa Neal joined Candleridge in 1997 and became a Service Coordinator in 2002 when VOA Mid-States agreed to administer a grant from HUD for the Service Coordinator Program. While the Service Coordinator profession was new at the time, it has evolved to meet the needs of frail and low-income seniors. 

Lisa’s days consist of connecting the approximately 100 residents she oversees to resources such as transportation, how to save on car registration, referrals to Office on Aging programs, arranging classes for computer training, health and wellness activities, educational programs and so much more. She provides assistance with correspondence, benefits such as Medicare and Medicaid, health insurance needs, prescription services and delivery, and SNAP food benefits and energy assistance. 

“I am blessed and honored to work for an organization like VOA, whose values encourage individual service and community development. For 26 years, I’ve seen the difference this level of dedication makes to the quality of life for our seniors and their families.”

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