Meet Samantha

As a child, Samantha was raised by her grandmother and was known for her rebellious side. She suffered from intense migraines and was prescribed pain medications. At a young age, she became dependent on the medications. In her teens, the drug use escalated. For brief periods, she was able to find sobriety, but she was never able to maintain it. It wasn’t until her two boys, Connor and Caden, were removed from her care that she knew something needed to change. Samantha came to Freedom House and said she had a life-changing experience. Freedom House assisted Samantha with addressing childhood…

Meet April

After finding recovery at VOA’s Freedom House in Clay County, KY, April continued her journey at VOA’s Family Recovery Court (FRC). With support from Judge Clint Harris, VOA and a team of social workers, April built a foundation for sustained sobriety, paving the way for a brighter future for herself and her son, Kyson. We congratulate FRC graduate, April! Looking for freedom from substance use disorder? VOA will support you every step of the way. Reach out now at (502) 636-4530 or complete our referral form HERE.

Salute to Veterans Dinner

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