Executive Leadership

  • jhheadshot.jpg

    Jennifer Hancock, President and CEO

  • rita.jpg

    Rita Clements, VP of Diversity, Equity, Quality and Inclusion

  • marty.jpg

    Marty Purdy, Vice President of VOA Recovery, Justice, and Health

  • tomg.jpg

    Tom George, Chief Finance Officer

  • mcminn.jpg

    Jennifer McMinn, VP of Clinical Systems

  • janikaas.jpg

    Dr. Janikaa Sherrod, Associate Vice President of VOA Justice and VOA Health

  • terrim.jpg

    Terri Montgomery, Chief People Officer

  • anyah.jpg

    Anyah Hoang-Ansert, VP VOA Honor and Home

  • natalie.jpg

    Natalie Pasquenza, VP of External Relations

  • angelina.jpg

    Angelina Harlow, Sr. Executive Associate and Board Liaison

  • ganelle.jpg

    Ganelle Mitchell, Associate VP VOA Community