Four years of life-changing recovery services for Clay County mothers

“They give you the tools to not just get sober while you’re there, but to sustain sobriety when you leave there.”

Freedom House Alumna and Recovery Support Technician Sandy Moore

In March of 2020, a nationally recognized recovery program opened its doors in Burning Springs, Kentucky. Since then, more than 400 women have gone through the program and worked to break the cycle of addiction in their families and in their community.

More than three decades ago, VOA Mid-States launched the Freedom House program in Louisville, Kentucky, to support pregnant and parenting women overcoming substance use disorder. Through an evidence-based clinical services model of recovery treatment, Freedom House helps women understand the root cause of their substance use disorder and build a foundation for sustained sobriety without leaving their children behind.

“They give you the tools to not just get sober while you’re there, but to sustain sobriety when you leave there,” said Freedom House alumna, Sandy Moore.

Sandy entered the program in June of 2022 after losing custody of her child.

“At first, I was doing it to get him back and for my kids, but what made me stay is I wanted to do it for myself,” she said.

The Freedom House team helped Sandy find recovery and today, they continue to help her work towards reunification with her child. After graduating, Sandy decided to start a career in helping other women like her take back their lives and in July of 2023, she joined the Freedom House team as a Recovery Support Technician.

“I want to be able to show people another way of life,” Sandy said. “I’m able to tell them, I’ve been there, and I know exactly what you’re going through.”

Sandy isn’t the only Freedom House graduate who started a career in recovery support. Today, more than 50% of the staff at the Freedom House in Manchester are individuals who went through the program.

Sandy, Shana Adams, Ashley Cope, Kelsey Couch and Ashley Sizemore all graduated from the program and currently work at Freedom House as Recovery Support Technicians. Together, they share their stories with the current program residents, motivating them to continue their own journey to recovery.

“I was once in their shoes not long ago and it’s beautiful to watch them progress and begin to love themselves again,” said Freedom House alumna and current Recovery Support Technician, Kelsey.

After struggling with addiction for 15 years, Kelsey turned to the Freedom House for support. With help from Freedom House, Kelsey overcame substance use disorder and moved into VOA’s Transitional Living in Manchester with her three children. The program offers a sober living environment so she can continue to build a foundation for sustained recovery. Today, she continues her recovery journey at VOA’s Transitional Housing and shows the current Freedom House residents that with support, long-term sobriety is possible.

This month, VOA is celebrating the fourth anniversary of the program in Manchester. Since opening its doors in March of 2020, Freedom House has served 471 women, 249 children and 23 babies were born healthy to mothers in the program. The need for Freedom House in Southeast Kentucky is apparent, and the organization plans to expand the program, making this life-changing service accessible to even more mothers and children.

“For some people, they could want recovery, but they really don’t want to go four or five hours away from home. So having Freedom House in their hometown makes it easier for them to reach out for help,” said Freedom House alumna and Recovery Support Technician, Shana.

The expansion of the program will enable 300 more women to access the same services Shana and the other graduates received without having to leave their hometown. VOA will break ground on the second location next month and plans to open its doors in the spring of 2025.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, VOA can help. Call (606) 658-8050 or visit to learn more.

The Manchester Enterprise, March 27, 2024

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