Freedom House Women’s Addiction Recovery Program

Freedom House Women’s Addiction Recovery Program

Freedom House provides residential treatment program for alcohol and/or drug dependent pregnant women and women with young children. This holistic and comprehensive program is designed to treat the women’s chemical dependency, to break the cycle of addiction in families, to reunite families broken apart by addiction, and to promote the birth of healthy, drug-free babies.

Using an evidenced-based clinical services model of recovery and holistic, family-centered treatment, Freedom House addresses the cycle of addiction with children while simultaneously treating their mothers. The program offers individual, group, and family counseling; drug and alcohol dependency education; parenting classes; life skills training; nutrition classes; vocational training and employment services; and child care services. Since its creation, more than 200 babies have been born drug-free to women in the program, ensuring a healthy start to their lives.

Freedom House 1 and 2
1432 South Shelby Street
Louisville, KY 40217

Freedom House 3
1025 South Second Street
Louisville, KY 40203

Freedom House
8467 N HWY 421
Manchester, KY 40962


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