Freedom House Women's Addiction Recovery Program

Find a freedom today, without being separated from your child or infant. 

Beating substance use disorder is hard enough, but with a baby on the way it might feel impossible. But at Freedom House you’re not alone. The personalized approach provides support for both you, your unborn baby, and your children, from an experienced staff, that’s been where you are.

Everyone, every single one of us, deserves a new chance on life, and a life free from substance use disorder. This program is not a band-aid. It is a comprehensive approach to treatment, providing connections, resources and education. A compassionate team of therapists and counselors help you build long-lasting foundations for a life filled with health and joy for both you, your children, and your unborn baby.

Recovery isn’t easy, and it’s a long road ahead, but we will be with you and your family every step of the way. Take back control, and find the substance-free life you and your family deserve.

A Powerful, Proven Approach

  • Children stay with you, regardless of age
  • Medicine-assisted treatment available
  • Visitation with children outside of custody
  • Opportunity to work during the second phase of recovery
  • CPS qualified parenting classes available
  • Guidance to develop a birth plan
  • Support to create a reunification plan
  • Services for parenting and child care
  • Classes for life skills, nutrition, and vocational training
  • Education for drug and alcohol dependency
Christina found family at Freedom House

Treatment that Works

Using an evidenced-based clinical services model of recovery and holistic, family-centered treatment, Freedom House addresses the cycle of addiction with children while simultaneously treating their mothers. Since its creation, over 300 babies have been born drug-free to women in the program, ensuring a healthy start to their lives.

  • 88% saw an increase in visitations or were reunited with their children.
  • 100% of infants increased in birth weight at follow-up appointments.
  • Over 300 healthy babies have been born throughout Freedom House’s history
  • 80% of respondents were satisfied with Freedom House services.
  • 98% of respondents indicated they benefited from the services.

Building a Foundation for the Future

Recovery doesn’t stop after your stay, which is why you’ll be eligible for transitional housing, providing a safe, stable place to live for up to two years with your children while you begin your new life. You will receive individual and group continued care, and child care options allowing you to work or attend school.

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